Trent Ostenberg / February 19th, 2022

Cold Weather Camping

7 Tips to Keep You Warm

couple camping in a rooftop tent in the snow
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You don’t need extra gear in your backpack every time you go hiking or mountaineering. You just need good organizational skills and learn a thing or two about the proper equipment to take with you. Most campers own a sleeping bag, or maybe a two. But having the right sleeping bag is quite essential for a good trip. Staying warm and comfortable while sleeping outdoors is key. And a good sleeping bag will do the job. Whether it is an ultra-light down sleeping bag or synthetic sleeping bag, it all falls to the location, weather conditions, and preferences. However, if you’re still not sure of which is the best gear option and how to be thoroughly prepared, we bring some tips on how to stay warm, cozy and safe, while having the best time outdoors.

Get The Proper Gear

Getting the proper gear is the ultimate traveling tip. A single bag might meet all of your needs, but some other things will get money out of your wallet so you can be fully equipped and ready to hit the road. But, you need a good sleeping pad and a tent that will protect you from harsh weather conditions. At night when we sleep, we tend to lose heat, and when we hit the ground, it’s an already-lost battle with the warmth. The best way to boost your chances of staying warm is to shield the head with an insulated barrier like the sleeping pad.


Then comes the tent. What will happen if the weather that day is quite windy? And the chill you’ll get on the top of a hill that day? To get the best experience and stay heated enough, you need to invest in a quality tent that will serve its purpose and keep you comfortable. 

Sleep Well and Eat Right Portions

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Always Have a Bottle of Hot Water

As we said before, this article explains how to stay warm while being outdoors, so having a bottle of hot water at your disposal aids in the extra warmth. You can put this bottle in the sleeping bag and have it radiate warmth during the night and warm your bag. Even if you are not a fan of drinking warm water, it can be useful to do it then to boost the heat.

Bring Extra Clothes

Yes! This might not sound like the best idea for camping outdoors, but bringing extra clothes will keep you cozy and warm during the night. We know it’s difficult to sleep with all those layers on you, but the clothes will keep the trail grime from soiling the bag. And wearing lighter clothing will insulate the heat and let it go into your bag. For an extra tip, bring gloves and socks.

Get a Good Camping Pillow

If you are the type of person that spends the days in tents, rolled up in sleeping bags, and enjoying nature, then this advice will please your needs. Getting a camping pillow is a smart idea for two reasons. First, you will have good support and posture when sleeping. Second, it will provide extra warmth and comfort for your head and neck. You can go with an inflating pillow and it won’t even feel the weight upon your shoulders of carrying it.

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Pick The Right Spot

In the end, it all comes to picking the right spot for your next adventure. Location is key to enjoying your nights in a tent, and probably you should look for a place that is sheltered and at the same time catch the sunrise. Look for dry ground and below the top of a hill is the preferred location among campers and outdoor adventurers. These places are out of direct contact with winds and are close to the water.

Staying Dry

Staying dry is important when you are outdoors so you don’t get a cold, and feel comfy in your clothes. And as we mentioned before, the extra clothing will do the job. If you happen to hit the trails on a rainy day, or it rains the next day after you’ve gone hiking, have a pair or two of clothes so you can change them whenever you get wet. And keep them separated so they stay dry no matter what!

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