A Family of Four Happy Campers Color the Map in Scenic Colorado

When researching tents, we wanted two things out of it. Tall enough for us to stand up in it and connects to our SUV or Truck. Napier Tents has a great selection of tents that can connect to your truck or SUV, and we used the SUV Sports Tent. I LOVE this tent. It is huge, giving us lots of space. At 5’10”, I can comfortably walk around in the tent without slouching. It is incredibly easier to set up, taking us about 5 minutes to get it up which is fantastic with kids (you don’t want to be dealing with a frustrating tent while trying to keep an eye on your little one).

The best part is it can be used as a stand alone tent or it can connect to your SUV to give you more space. We used it both ways, and I personally loved having it connect to our SUV. It was really simple to connect to the car, and once connected, we just left the truck open. Mike and Easton slept on the tent floor while Emmie and I slept in the back of the car. It gave us more space as we basically now doubled our sleeping space, and it gave me piece of mind sleeping off of the ground.

I love how it has lots of zip up windows than you can open completely or with the screen still on, allowing lots of light to come through. We loved this in the morning as we just unzipped one side so we could still see the mountains. It also comes with a tarp that can go over the top to protect from wind or rain and a canopy that can be set up in the front to provide shade.

We absolutely love this tent for its ease of use, durability, size and extra features, like connecting to our car. I can’t imagine a more perfect tent for a family who likes to car camp.

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