Get ready for the big game with the essentials you need to party in the parking lot ahead of the action! Stay warm, cozy hydrated and charged, plus grill up a meal your buddies will talk about for weeks!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER: Clay Hinson from North Carolina! 




Sportz Truck Tent by Napier | Truck Bed Tent

Napier Outdoors Game Day Camp Out Bundle

Getting rained on is the worst. Stay high up off the ground and away from the bugs and water in a Sportz Truck tent or Sportz Cove by Napier Outdoors. Included in the bundle is 1 tent, 2 camping chairs, 1 air mattress (in case you need a nap, no judgement here!), 1 duffel bag.

6oz Wooden Hand Crafted Hip Flask From WUDN

Take your favorite drink on-the-go in timeless fashion with WUDN's custom-made Wooden hip flasks. This 6 oz. stainless steel flask is wrapped in hand cut, high-quality, 100% real wood locally sourced right in the United States for superior finish, quality and durability.

F-20 Hitch Mounted Propane Grill from Hitchfire

HitchFire’s F-20 is a high-performance premium propane grill that seamlessly mounts to your vehicle’s trailer hitch for ultimate portability. Offering 355 square inches of grilling space, powerful twin 10,000 BTU burners and heavy-duty steel construction the F-20 is designed to withstand the rowdiest tailgates and toughest elements.

Everything you need to start your grill & keep your hands warm/device charged during the game from Zippo!

Fire Fast Torch, FireFast Bellows & Tinder Shreds - Great for starting a charcoal grill! Flex Neck XL utility Lighter – great for starting any grill. Green HeatBank 9s & Black HeatBank 9s Plus $59.95 to keep your hands warm and your devices charged during the game.