Pumpkin spice and everything nice – it’s the most colorful time of the year!! 🍁🍂

Don’t let the chill in the air slow you down from living your best life outside. Win all the essentials to stay warm and cozy, camping in the beautiful fall colors this season!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER: Tamara Lechner from British Columbia!  


Napier Outdoors Camping Bundle

Camp high and dry, up off the ground and away from the bugs and water in a Sportz Truck or SUV tent by Napier Outdoors. Included in the camp bundle is 1 tent, 2 camping chairs, 1 air mattress, 1 duffel bag.

Kachula Hooded Blanket from Coala Tree

This multi-use blanket with hood is durable, stylish, and sustainably made using recycled materials. The Kachula hooded blanket features a water and rip resistant material perfect for all season comfort and convenience

Bug Off Bundle from Kinfield

Bye, bugs. Life's too short to deal with mosquitoes, so we made this set to keep them away (plus Relief Balm, in case you forget a spot). Happy trails!

Fresh-Food-Freak Reusable Beeswax Collection from Abeego

Extend the Life of Food - create the ideal breathable & protective environment for fresh food. Included: 3xLarge Rectangle, 2x Medium Rectangle, 1x Small Rectangle, 4x Large Square, 3x Medium Square, 5x Small Square

Hest Sleep System

Designed with the outdoors in mind, the patent-pending Sleep System has all the comforts of your home mattress but is ready to roll with you, wherever your adventures lead.

Avanta 4 Piece Smoked Wood Steak Knife Set from Messermeister

The Avanta 4 Piece Smoked Teak Wood Fine Edge Stainless Steak Knives are crafted from X50 German steel for knives that are sharp, rust resistant, and easy to maintain. Solid bolsters and full tang construction give the knives great balance and heft. The 5” blades have fine cutting edges with curved tips to easily slice through steak.

$150 Gift Card for Socks from Dahlgren

With a good pair of socks that keep your feet dry and comfortable all day, you can focus on what matters. Dahlgren's mix of natural and synthetic fibers takes the best of both worlds- you will feel it instantly.

Dried Food Pack from Gourmanity

Fresh when you need them, Gourmanity's dried veggies make the perfect addition to your camp kitchen! Included: 2 lb Dried Mixed Bell Peppers, 2 lb Dehydrated Mixed Vegetables, 5 lb Minced Onion Resealable Bag

Selk'bag Lite Wearable Sleeping Bag

The Selk'bag Lite wearable sleeping bag is designed to be as adventurous as you are. With a comfort Temp Rating of 55 F and a Limit rating of 48F, the Lite is the perfect companion for Spring/Summer camping, indoor lounging or chilly summer evenings on the beach or patio.

Osmo Nutrition Pack

Osmo’s hydration, fuel and recovery products deliver proven results and are the go-to for athletes across a spectrum of sports & perfect for those living an active outdoor lifestyle. Included: 2 x 12-pack of active hydration single-serves (variety pack), 1 x tub of Rapid Recovery in chocolate, 1 x bag of Power Fuel