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Sportz Cove 61000

Sportz Cove - Small to Mid-Sized SUV's & CUV's


$169.99 CAD

61000 Sportz Cove with rainfly

Napier’s Sportz Cove is the perfect compact travel accessory! This lightweight awning attaches to the back of your SUV or CUV, providing you just the right amount of shade and shelter on those warm summer days. No matter where your adventure takes you, bring along your Sportz Cove and always be prepared! Perfect for tailgating, fishing, picnics, bonfires and beach trips, the Sportz Cove will quickly become your favorite travel companion. Please note that the 61000 model is sized to fit small to mid-sized SUV’s and CUV’s.

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• Universal vehicle sleeve designed to accommodate all CUV’s, SUV’s, and Minivans for a custom fit
• Over 2’ of awning provides ultimate shade and shelter from the sun
• Mesh screen door for bug-free views
• Built-in storm flap provides additional weather protection and privacy
• Lightweight carrying bag for easy storage

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Less than 10% of this product contains a Prop 65 chemical.


Dependent on vehicle size


Awning length 2 feet




Black & Grey

No. of Doors


No. of Windows

1 in door

No. of Poles

1 fiberglass

Storm Flaps

Yes- Door

Water Proofing

1200mm PU Coating

Wall & Roof Material

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

Polyester Mesh

Floor Material


Rainfly Material


Rear Access Panel





3 Seasons- Spring, Summer, Fall

Storage Room

Carrying Bag


1 Year

Note: Will not work with a SUV / CUV with a barn door

Will the Sportz Cove fit on my truck and camper shell? While this is not the intended use, the Sportz Cove will work with a compact truck and camper shell only. Examples include the Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, and Dodge Dakota.

Will the Sportz Cove fit on my SUV that has barn doors? No, the Sportz Cove will not work.

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13 reviews for Sportz Cove – Small to Mid-Sized SUV’s & CUV’s

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  • JLRP from Amazon

    Just installed for a dry run and it looks awesome. So far, very pleasantly surprised — simple design, only one pole (which supports the awning) and really nothing that can get lost or left behind. Breaks down into a pretty small package (approx 26x6x6) and comes with a decent carrying case. Seems like a nice product for the money. Will use this weekend for the first time and update later.

  • Verified Amazon Customer

    Used this for the first time camping in Michigan over the weekend. We had gale force winds and this van tent held up just fine (had my vehicle pointing in the right direction of course). It really helps “open up” the van and basically turns it into a camper. No water got in even during heavy, windy downpours. Not full proof on keeping spiders out though because there will be very minute gaps in certain areas between the vehicle and tent. Buying some insecticide to spray around the perimeters of the tent may help if you’re terrified of a creepy crawler making its way in. But like I said, the gaps are very minute. I didn’t find any spiders living with me….soooo. My only suggestion to the company is that they need to make the tie downs that go to the stakes have some sort of reflection on them or make them glow in the dark. When night comes, it’s easy to forget about them and I nailed them more than once. I’ll be be using some reflecting tape for those. But overall I love this “tent”. I’m looking forward to using it again and again.

  • Verified Amazon Customer

    The Napier Sportz Tent has prompted me to write my first Amazon review. I am currently on a cross country trip with this product. As I was planning my trip, I knew I wanted to do some camping, but I didn’t want to sleep on the ground in a tent. This turned out to be a great option. I have a Volvo xc70, and it fits great. I set it up by myself in high winds and watched fellow campers struggle with their tents. I wasn’t sure how this would hold up in a rainstorm, but so far I have been through two pretty violent thunderstorms and have been able to stay high and dry in my car and watch the rain. I can’t recommend this enough. Love it!!!

  • T.Mackay from Amazon

    This SUV tent works perfectly on the Tesla Model S. I haven’t tried it in the rain, but it looks like it should work great. It’s easy to set up. 15 min the first time, 6 min every time since. It has a privacy screen that can be rolled down to reveal a bug screen, (that too can also be rolled down). The only modification I’ve made, was to wrap tape around the sharp edges of the support pole. Now it slides into the tent grove smoothly and easily. The tent stores back into the bag easily and fits in the bottom trunk with lots of extra room for other stuff. I Highly recommend, especially if you want to spend a small amount of money to try camping in your Tes for the first time. The wonderful things about Tes camping is you can run the AC or Heater all night long (without fumes or bothering anyone) with a roaring fire on the center display. (I burn about 25 miles of range overnight with the AC on, for reference). Overall, I really like this tent, it’s easy to store, easy to setup/tear down. It provides great privacy and or bug protection. Great product!!!

  • JHF on Amazon

    I love using this tent when you don’t want to sleep near the ground (because of insects, wet ground, etc.) This is easy to put on the car (we use ours on our Honda Odyssey minivan), although I suggest a practice run before going camping. The opening allows for a nice breeze in the car, and protects really well from rain. We put a few magnets along the top flap to stop any movement (as noted in some online reviews) of the flap, and it worked well.

  • Julie A.

    Bought the Napier Sportz Cove for a 2-week road trip through Colorado and New Mexico. This little tent was perfect! I own a 2010 Honda Crosstour & traveled alone with a dog. We enjoyed every bit of our trip! I was able to pull in to my campsites & set-up this little hatchback tent within minutes! It broke down with as much ease as it was to set-up! Thank you Napier!

  • Susan C

    We have a RAV4 sport edition. Fits perfect! Set up is super easy 1 person can do it real quick. Good quality and great design! My wife, child and I fit in the RAV4 to sleep with the back lift gate being left open! Would highly recommend! Now we just need to find the perfect mattress!!

  • Greta from Carlsbad, CA on Wayfair

    I purchased a 2016 transit connect long bed little WAGON, not a van. Wanted an SUV hatch tent. My hatch is Huge ! One year of researching in fear of failure, I tried this Napier Sportz Cove 2. Perfect ! Well made, good looking, everything I wanted ! Practiced putting it on and know by myself I wil be able to do it fairly easily and less thN 3 minutes to take down. Folds easily into a super small bag with handle ! Wow !

  • Lisa VanRijnsoever, The Adventure Portal

    Even though roof top tents are all the rage in the overlanding world, I found that they just don’t work for me. So the search for an affordable, unique, and easy solution to my aftermarket, overlanding vehicle was easier than expected. I like it’s ability to fit on a diverse set of vehicles, as well as it’s easy to set up, take down and compact storage size

  • Eli P from SILVERDALE, WA

    Awning showed up prior to our trip. We test fitted it in the driveway and found the installation was quick and easy. On our first use we arrived at our location a little after midnight and quickly and easily set the awning up in the help of a single flashlight. The awning withheld the winds coming off the mountainside throughout the night. I was concerned the stitching would rip out due to the wind but upon inspection in the morning, everything was like new. Quick tear down the next day too.

  • kmcoyle

    I did a test setup last week on a hiking trip to a local state park. The set up was a little slow the first time, the instructions were good it just took a little time to get the attachments anchored to the best spots. There were some mosquitoes and small gnats helping, but once I got it set up it did a nice job of keeping them out of the Pilot.

    There was a storm forecast so I decided to give it a more robust test and sat out the storm in my 2017 Honda Pilot. The winds picked up to 25-30 mph, the rain was pretty heavy, there was some pea-sized hail and the rain came sideways at times. Weather report was almost an inch of rain over a 90 minute period.

    I was pleased with the way the tent held up; no rain got in the Pilot, the tie downs help well, the canopy stayed tight and in place. I had the storm flap and the screen open and the ventilation was good. After the rain and the winds died down I took the tent down and that went well. The challenge was trying to fold up a wet tent neatly, but it went back into the carry case with no problem. I took it out when I got home, laid it out to dry overnight and then repacked it the next day.

  • Angela

    My boyfriend and I took this camping last month and it was awesome! Easy to put up and take down and made our 4Runner feel like a fancy tent. Super comfortable.

  • Justin J.

    Best money I ever spent

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