Why Does a Vehicle Camping Tent Make a Great Christmas Gift? | Napier Outdoors Why Does a Vehicle Camping Tent Make a Great Christmas Gift? | Napier Outdoors

Why Does a Vehicle Camping Tent Make a Great Christmas Gift?

As the holidays approach, I know I’ve been busy trying to think of ideas and getting all the gifts for everyone on my list. Since I happen to work for Napier, you can bet I’d instantly consider who on my list would love a truck tent or suv tent.

This has led me to wonder why exactly you would buy a vehicle camping tent as a Christmas gift and what in particular makes it a great gift?

The first and probably most obvious reason would be to give the gift of camping! You ultimately give them the many different experiences of camping. This includes getting outdoors, visiting new places, getting away from home (or even just camping in the backyard) and making new memories with their friends and family.

So that leads me to the next question: why specifically would you buy a truck tent or SUV tent? I quickly turned to some of our media product reviews to gather what they said.


Here are some of the highlights:

“It might come as no surprise, but the box of your truck is much better at breaking wind than any type of fabric. Having that solid piece of metal between you and the wind cuts down a lot on the breeze, and the durable fabric Napier uses kept me dry despite a rainy evening. With a thin sleeping pad under me, I was surprised how comfortable everything felt.” – I Backpack Canada

“I’m not super into the idea of camping on the ground. Sometimes it’s hard to find a flat spot, or it’s muddy or rocky. But with my truck bed tent, wherever I can park, I can camp. That makes it much easier to get a good spot, and I don’t have to worry if it’s muddy.” – Amanda Chase, USEventing.com

“The instant benefit of this is that it eliminates trips from the tent to the car and back if you need batteries, food, water, etc. Everything you may have forgotten in the car at night or during a rainstorm is easily accessible as the tent attaches to the vehicle.” – Modern Mississauga

Backroadz SUV Tent Photo by Modern Mississauga

Photo by Modern Mississauga


Informative right? I thought so at least! I also think that adding some of our top product features might also make a great reason to buy a Napier vehicle camping tent. Here are my favourite:

Extra weather protection – large awning on our Sportz truck tents

Lots of headroom – all our tents are designed with headroom in mind, so you don’t have to worry about ducking and crouching

Easy and quick assembly – color code poles and instructions sewn into the bag make it a breeze (well after the first time of course)

Access to your vehicle – our Sportz truck tents and all our SUV tents offer access directly to your vehicle so you don’t have to get out to grab anything or plug in devices to charge.

Affordable cost – While it still may be on the upper end of your Christmas budget, our tents are surprisingly affordable. And if price is an issue, we suggest our Backroadz truck tent or Backroadz SUV tent.


I’d love to know what you think? Why would you buy someone a tent? What are the top features you are looking for in a tent, or specifically a truck tent or SUV tent?

Alisa from Napier

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