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Food plays a major role and can easily make or break any camping trip and outdoor adventure.  Hot dogs for every meal isn’t for everyone, but with a little time and planning, you too can have a gourmet meal in minutes. Get creative with our recipes and create an epic meal plan for your next outdoor adventure! Already an outdoor cooking all-star? Spread the love and share a recipe for the world to enjoy! Try a recipe out? We would love you to share any photos of them so we can add to the recipe page!

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Grilled Summer Veggie Foil PacksGrilled Summer Veggie Foil PacksDinner side dishes don’t get easier than this ultra-fresh and totally delicious grilled foil pack. Just slice up your farmers’ market haul, season, fold into a foil pack and you’re good to go!
Herbed Mushroom and Rice Foil PacksHerbed Mushroom and Rice Foil PacksGrilling veggies can be tricky or require special equipment (looking at you, grill baskets), but with these clever mushroom and rice packs, all you need is foil!
Maple Grilled SalmonGrilled salmon anyone? Leave this sweet salmon to marinate while you kick back for a few hours.
One-Pot-Lentil-Protein-Pasta-18One Pot Protein PastaThis one pot pasta is an easy camping meal that delivers a big vegetarian protein punch.
Seafood LinguineSeasoned mussels and shrimp over a linguine pasta... a seafood lovers new favourite recipe!
Campfire-African-Sweet-Potato-and-Peanut-Stew-Recipe-7Sweet Potato and Peanut StewNew Mexico chili powder gives this stew a smokey flavor with just a hint of spice to it. If you use a different chili variety, you may need to scale the measurement back according to your heat preferences.
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