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Food plays a major role and can easily make or break any camping trip and outdoor adventure.  Hot dogs for every meal isn’t for everyone, but with a little time and planning, you too can have a gourmet meal in minutes. Get creative with our recipes and create an epic meal plan for your next outdoor adventure! Already an outdoor cooking all-star? Spread the love and share a recipe for the world to enjoy! Try a recipe out? We would love you to share any photos of them so we can add to the recipe page!

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Breakfast BurritoCampfire Style Breakfast BurritoThese burritos are perfect and easy for breakfast. Just wrap in foil, stick them in the coals or on the grill and let the flavors blend.
Cheesy-Bacon-Egg-HashCheesy Bacon and Egg HashCheesy Bacon and Egg Hash… Not just a breakfast recipe! This breakfast skillet is one of those breakfast for dinner recipes, when you need something quick, filling and absolutely incredibly delicious.
Egg_Sausage_Breakfast_TaquitosEgg and Sausage Breakfast TaquitosScrambled eggs, cheese and sausage links rolled and baked inside a corn tortilla. These Egg and Sausage Breakfast Taquitos are simple and delicious!
apple-oatmealJohnny Apple Seed OatmealOatmeal is the unsung hero of camping breakfasts. While it's not as flashy as a cast iron breakfast skillet or a well-prepared egg sandwich, a bowl of warm oatmeal never fails to come through in a pinch.
kielbasa-hashKielbasa Pepper Onion and Potato HashKielbasa, Pepper, Onion and Potato Hash is an easy to make, healthy and delicious meal that comes together in just 15 minutes, featuring tons of fresh veggies and lean turkey kielbasa.
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