Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room (Model 84000)

Transform your SUV or minivan into a spacious home away from home in just 15 minutes with our premium Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room. With room for up to six adults, this tent provides ample living space, allowing you to stretch out and relax after a day of exploring the great outdoors. With its large interior space, screen room, and optional 6′ x 6′ awning, this tent offers room for the whole family to comfortably camp and relax. Enjoy the comforts of your vehicle while still being surrounded by nature—a gateway to adventure, exploration, and precious memories with family and friends.

Genuine Accessory:
What's this?


Gear Loft, Pocket, and Lantern Holder

Spacious Interior + 6 x 7' Screen Room

Extendable 6x6ft Awning

Connect Seamlessly to Your Vehicle

Enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort or convenience with the Napier Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room.

Here are the features that make it the perfect car camping companion:

California Residents Prop 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Less than 10% of this product contains a Prop 65 chemical. 

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Additional Info


6 Persons



Center Height





Blue & Gray

No. of Doors


No. of Windows

3 (Plus 2 Skylights)

No. of Poles (Tent)

Fiberglass Ceiling Pole - 4

Steel Side Pole - 4

Steel Awning Pole - 2

Screen Room Stell Pole - 2

Fiberglass Screen Room Ceiling Pole - 1

No. of Poles (Awning)

2 Steel Poles

Storm Flaps

Yes - Windows & Doors

Water Proofing

2000mm PU Coating

Wall and Roof Material

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

Polyester Mesh

Floor Material


Rainfly Material

Polyester Tafetta w/ Taped Seams

Screen Room




Seasons for Use

Spring, Summer, Fall

Storage Room

Gear Loft, 2 Gear Pockets, Lantern Holder


1 Year

Our SUV Tents are designed with a universal vehicle sleeve to accommodate all CUV’s, SUV’s, and minivans for a custom fit.

The universal vehicle sleeve has an elastic band at the end creating a custom fit to your vehicle. The adjustable wheel well and trunk straps ensure a snug fit to your vehicle and the fabric flaps on the inside of the sleeve help seal any minor gaps caused by a curvy vehicle.

Yes. For the initial set-up however, we do recommend having assistance.

Yes. To ensure the best fit possible, we recommend our larger SUV Tents (82000, 84000, 13100, and 19100).

Yes. As long as the height from the ground to the highest point of the cap window/door does not exceed 80”, SUV Tents are compatible.

Please refer to the Warranty section on the website.

Yes, as long as the circumference of the trailer opening does not exceed 210”.

Angle one of the awning poles so that the water will run off and not pool. Angle the bottom of the pole one way and peg out the other way. If you are leaving the campsite, it’s best to set-up camp for rain, just in case. Put away equipment, zip up all tent windows and doors, use the rainfly. Zip or roll up the awning. If it’s raining a lot, we would suggest not to use the canopy.

Our tents already have a water-resistant coating on them. However, the coating may wear down over time and you may want to spray a water repellent coating onto the tent and rainfly after a few years of use.

A seam sealer is not necessary. Our rainflies and truck tent floors have taped seams to guard against water entry. For additional protection and product maintenance, you may wish to use a seam sealant on your tent. Please note that water drops through the needle holes along the seams is common with all tents and is not a manufacturer’s defect.

There is a one-year manufacturer defect warranty.  Please consult the Warranty section on the website.

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  • Avatar

    Lesley Noseworthy

    We love camping and I had been eyeing this tent for awhile. We were then gifted this tent this year and have used it three times this far. We’re currently camping on our third trip as I’m writing this. While I love this tent as it is quick and easy to set up and take down, extremely roomy for my husband and I, and perfect for car camping with my Chevrolet Equinox. The only two negatives I did not foresee is the tent must always be situated on the left side of a campsite in order to be able to use the sun room efficiently and this does not hold up at all in rain, not even a light drizzle. It’s raining right now and rain entered from the top hatch into the tent and puddles in the four corners appeared for a rain that lasted approximately 20 min in Florida.

    December 10, 2023
  • Avatar

    DeWolf, Jim

    I have used this tent twice now with no issues. I love it. Having it connect to your vehicle is a pretty cool idea and find it to have all sorts of conveniences. The tent is roomy, even for a 6’2″ dude like myself. The screen room is pretty awesome for just hanging out and getting away from the bugs.

    The tent sets up pretty quickly, although the rain fly is challenging to get on once the tent is set up, even for a tall dude like me.

    I have NOT used this tent in the rain just yet though, so I am anxious to see how it performs in rainy conditions.

    September 8, 2023
  • Avatar


    I really appreciate how tall this tent is. Ventilation is great and you can easily move around. Was fairly straightforward to setup (easier the second time). The front awning (second portion) has no floor, so maybe use a tarp like we did to maximize usefulness. The SUV connection can easily be sealed off when not in use. Very convenient and nice tent.

    June 20, 2023
  • Avatar

    Becky Van Wyk

    Finally had an opportunity to use my 84000. As noted in prior posts, put the fly on before you raise the tent! Attached to my Outback. Loved all the room! Great hangout area when it got dark and cool out. The screen room is my fave! I’m 5’2” and raising it was a challenge; but I think I’ll get it with more practice.

    May 24, 2023
  • Avatar

    Brad nechvolodoff

    For those considering this suv tent, wait no longer just buy the friggen thing!
    This is a great tent, I love mine!
    The tent is well made and everything fits like it should, you can tell a lot of thought went into the design. i have a 2002 Ford Explorer and this tent fits great.

    March 16, 2023
  • Avatar


    Used with RAV4 Adventure. I was able to assemble poles into tent and have it free standing without stakes in 18 minutes. This was by myself. It took me longer to attach to RAV4. I kept using words like cool, neat, awesome, smart as I was experiencing the set up for the first time. Even though I have a roof rack I found the tent fit better to my auto by using the hood bracket method. Open hood. Attach hook/strap to hood hinge and close hood. No chance of damaging hood or paint. I did not see any gaps or sunlight looking out from the tent towards my auto. I will bring some painters tape just in case I need to improve the seal. I am glad I choose the Napier tent instead of some less expensive copy cat brands. The quality is excellent and well designed. Everything I needed to set up the tent came in the bag. I will probably bring a mallet in case the ground is real hard. Instructions to set up were excellence. No instructions were included on best way to disconnect from auto and seal up auto side. I just made sure the screen and tent zipper was closed all the way. Was not sure what to do with all the straps and extra extension material. I do not think it will leak as self standing. I have not used it yet. I had no problem setting up the rain fly on my own. The wind made it a little challenging until I decided to work with the wind instead of against it. I can’t wait to use it. I am a 53 year old, 5’ 8” female.

    March 13, 2023
  • Avatar


    I haven’t tent camped in years…. years. Got a Jeep back in August and wanted to go camping with friends so ended up purchasing this Napier tent since it had the option to connect to the back of a vehicle if needed. I was amazed at how quickly and easily this tent goes up. We tested it out in our back yard a couple of times over the course of several days to make sure everything was good before we went out on our trip. Our first camping trip with this tent, we weren’t close enough to be able to use the attachment feature, but used it as a normal tent. This thing is literally a “tent-mahal.”

    I want to be comfortable when I camp. I’m too old to sleep on the ground. I purchased a queen size air mattress and it fits great inside the main portion of the tent with room left over for side tables if needed.

    The clearance inside this tent is pretty tall. I’m 5ft 9 and to attach the “gear loft” at the peak of the tent, I have to stand on my tip toes to connect the hooks to the loops.

    Both times the tent has been used, we didn’t fully attach the guy lines as they are intended. It was dry and no heavy wind/rains.

    The 2nd time I used the tent, I went to an SCA event. I managed to set the tent up all by myself with the exception of the rain-fly. I needed help getting it up and over since I had already raised the roof before putting the rain fly on.

    The only thing I don’t like is that the screened in porch doesn’t have a bottom. No huge big deal, but be sure to pack another tarp to put down if you plan on using an outdoor rug/mat as if the ground is wet, it will seep through.

    The tent is a bit heavy, but that’s to be expected. The tent, with the poles etc, all packed into the carrier/bag it came in easily weighs 60 pounds.

    Can’t wait to use this tent again in the Spring!

    March 9, 2023
  • Avatar

    Beatrice Boyer

    Happy with the tent as it can be used attached or not attached to my SUV. First time setting up it was a little challenging but after it was done once it was very easy time afterwards

    January 3, 2023
  • Avatar


    Bought this to attach to my expedition with roof rack. My husband and I set it up in the driveway as soon as it arrived. The first set up is always a bit confusing. However, take your time go slow and make sure everything is secure and it’s not a very difficult process. My husband is 6‘1“ and is able to walk around inside both areas of the tent. Nice area for securing lantern setting up a small living area. Would recommend bringing additional cordage for securing guidelines if anticipating weather. Nice fit to the vehicle. Nice floor of tent, living space, we have a large German Shepherd, who I didn’t have to worry about paws and claws on. Really a fun way to camp or even tailgate with friends. We traded in our RV so we could get to more remote areas.

    December 29, 2022
  • Avatar

    Priscilla Keith

    I absolutely love my suv tent! I use it on my Nissan NV200 and get compliments all the time. Thank you!

    August 12, 2022

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