Riley Kooh / December 22nd, 2021

What is HipCamp?

Discover the Easiest Way to Plan Adventures


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It seems that in 2022, there’s an app for everything. With infinite information available on the web through smartphones, tablets, or computers – things can get confusing very quickly. Thanks to free and convenient apps, there are better ways to order food, schedule rides, book a hotel, get a date, etc. But what about when it comes to planning an adventure? HipCamp acts similarly to Airbnb or VRBO, but instead of booking vacation homes, you’re browsing through thousands of campsites. You have the ability to surf through hundreds of options based on location, dates, and number of people. Although that’s the main app function in a nutshell, there’s a lot more that HipCamp has to offer.

Spontaneity Made Easy

One of the benefits we love most about HipCamp is how simple it makes it to come up with a spontaneous travel plan. As you scroll the app, it lays out category options to help even the most indecisive camper. You can simply choose to view sites that are available tonight, this weekend, or next weekend, and scroll to your preferred destination areas. With thousands of options across the globe, possibilities are endless. Once you land on a location, you can skim through all the available options based on images, ratings, price/night, amenities, etc.



If dates are less of a concern for you, and you’d rather search by interest or have a particular park/area you want to explore – HipCamp still has you covered. View options based on things like Glamping, Beach Stays, Lake Camping, Pet-Friendly, RV Sites, Secluded Locations, popular parks/areas and more. Thanks to geolocation, it takes just one or two clicks for you to view all the available options close to you. This simple method of browsing tons of relevant options is what really sets HipCamp apart. Skip navigating through endless different park websites and filtering through reviews and amenities. With HipCamp you can quickly compare everything you need to know about the sites from the listing.



How to Book

If you’ve ever tried to book a campsite on an official campground website, you know it can be tedious. Whether it’s a bad website, no availability, unclear amenities, or vague entrance instructions, you’ve likely felt the frustration of booking. With HipCamp, if you input a desired date, or select “available today, this weekend” etc., you only view available sites. This saves you the time and energy of finding the perfect campsite, only to discover it’s booked for the season. This is increasingly true during times of COVID restrictions, because many people have discovered or rekindled interest in the outdoors. Once your account is set up, to book you just need to confirm dates, payment, and submit your request to book.

Become Part of a Community

A major benefit of combining campsite listings into one platform is the development of a community. With your HipCamp account, you can earn “HipCash” to put towards stays by referring friends. You can also share the love of adventure with gift cards, save previous trips to revisit, and become a host to earn income. If you have extra land you’ve thought of monetizing – check out HipCamp’s become a host page here.


Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

Something else we love about being part of the HipCamp community is the personalization. When you sign up for an account, you go through a quick survey of interests. The algorithm then gets to work to consistently recommend spots based on your answers. This is an awesome feature for anyone who doesn’t always know exactly where they want to go. With a constant refresh of personalized recommendations, all you have to do is browse what looks best to you and book!

Our Final Takeaway

All in all, we love anything that makes adventure easier. Too often we hear people say they want to travel more this year but never wind up following through. With HipCamp’s options to search by location, activities, price levels, amenities, etc., and book in seconds – you can make 2022 your year of untapped adventures.

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