Grace Farinacci / October 2022

Going camping this fall? You GOT to try out these ideas!

Napier Rooftop Tent
Napier Rooftop Tent

Happy Fall Y’all! We LOVE Fall here at Napier and we are excited to share some ideas on how to have the best Fall camping adventure! Get the car packed and ready to go, you’ll want to head out as soon as you’re done reading this blog. 

1. Decorate your campsite!

Bring the spirit of Halloween to your campsite this Fall. Decorate the tent with spooky lights, cobwebs, get CREATIVE! 


2. Carve pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins

A classic idea I know, but image carving a pumpkin outside by the fire and then you can roast the seeds over the fire? Sounds like a dream to me…

3. Collect Fall items to make a craft

When I was little, I remember collecting pinecones and leaves to create some beautiful crafts! Collect as much as you can, you can even give these away at Christmas! 

4. Project a movie outside

movie outside

We LOVE this idea, you could even watch a scary movie to fit with the Halloween theme. Spooooooky.

5. Have a fun outdoors photoshoot

Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and snap some cool shots! You can use this idea of the pumpkin head or you can do the bedsheet ghost one!

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~Happy Fall Camping~

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