Sana Khan/ October 2022

Girls Camping Trip (Fall Edition)

Pack your favorite flannel and go grab a bottle of Pink Moscato because we’re going to give you some ideas for your next Girls Camping Trip!
Summer is officially over. For me, this means saying bye to all the summer fun times with my closest girlfriends. Gone are beach days, patio sangrias, and outdoor concerts in a well-coordinated bike short and baggy t-shirt. BUT THAT IS OKAY. We have entered ~sweater weather~ season, and honestly what better way to bond with the girlies than getting cozy and embracing the beautiful transition from summer’s green to autumn’s warm orange?

Things to keep you cozy:

1. ODONVIDE Weighted blanket

The Odonvide from Ikea
There’s nothing we crave more than a cold weather cuddle. The Odonvide from Ikea is the PERFECT snuggle simulator.
This weighted blanket will keep you warm and cozy even while sharing all your worst Tinder date stories.

2. Napier Sportz SUV Tent With Screen Room

Napier Sportz 84000 SUV Tent

Perfect for girl squads on an outdoor adventure. The Napier Sportz SUV Tent With Screen Room will sleep up to 6 people. The attached 6’x7’ screen room allows you to find and enjoy your perfect view while keeping those critters out.

3. The Comfy

The Comfy Orginal

Sitting around the campfire is always a treat, but with that crisp fall air, it can go from wholesome fun to shiver city real quick. The Comfy will keep you warm around the fire, and quite honestly feels like wearing the comfort of your bed on your body.

Eats and Drinks:

Camping Recipes

Friends that cook together, stay together. Try out some of these delicious camping recipes we’ve put together.

Roasting Sticks

Not an image of product linked

More important than the camping itself, might be the late-night snacks. These roasting sticks are the perfect s’more accessory. Jolly Green’s Marshmallow Roasting Sticks come in a pack of 5, and are well, the Cadillac of marshmallow roasting sticks. With an extendable rod and a rotating wheel on the handle that will turn your marshmallows and hot dogs for you, it really doesn’t get better.

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~Happy camping~

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