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Unique Ideas to Make the Most of Your Vehicle Camping Tent

As I was sorting through and re-organizing some of our images and files in the preparation of starting off the new year fresh and organized, I came across some of the most creative, and unique pictures. So I thought I would take the time to dedicate this blog post to what I would classify as some of the best ways to make the most of your vehicle camping tent and adapting to fit a unique lifestyle and adventure.

Please do note that while we don’t recommend the use of our products beyond their intended purpose and placement, I’m not one to condone anyone for thinking outside the box.

So here they are, in no particular order, my favorite ideas!

Using a step, stool or ramp on our truck tents:


Union Wheel Customer 57 Series with stool

Credit: Unknown


Adding an additional trailer to the back of your truck and truck tent:

Sue Neidlinger 13 series truck tent with trailer

Credit: Sue Neidlinger


And when you don’t have an extra trailer, just use an extra truck bed for your truck tent:

Clay Bevan uses an extra truck bed with old sportz truck tent

Credit: Clay Bevan 

Note that that is one is an old model of our 57 series truck tents.


And heck, if you don’t have a truck, just use a trailer for your truck tent:

Christian Madore 13 series truck tent on a trailer

Credit: Christian Madore


Before I switch over to our SUV tents, here’s a final truck tent idea I think I need to try out myself: BUNK BEDS!

Sue Neidlinger Bunkbeds in 13 series truck tent

Credit: Sue Neidlinger


This is an old SUV tent model, but who doesn’t love the idea of a breakfast nook / camping kitchen?

Credit: Sylvere Matoes

This is another old one (from 2007) – but still a good one! SUV tent attached to a trailer:

86000 suv tent attached to trailer

Credit: Unknown


This last one is in the spirit of the upcoming holidays – decking a truck tent out with lights:

Strega christmas lights on truck tent

Credit: Strega


Feel inspired yet? and I’m sure there are so many more great set-ups out there I just haven’t seen. I’d love it if anyone could send them my way!


Did you know that our SUV tents can be used without being attached to a vehicle? You don’t need a car to go on an adventure with a Napier tent!

Sportz SUV Tent without vehicle

Alisa from Napier

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