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Tips for Camping with Dogs

If you love camping, rest assured that your four-legged buddy will love it even more. Dogs love the great outdoors and this is a great opportunity to strengthen your bond with your pet! Going camping with your furry friend is not impossible but can definitely be challenging. There may have been times when you’ve had to cancel on your plans or you’ve had to leave your pet to a sitter because you were unsure if it would be a good idea to take your pet with you.

Below are some tips to consider so you don’t have to leave Fido at home on your next camping adventure!

Choose a Pet-Friendly Campsite

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The first thing to do is check if the campground is pet-friendly. Sadly, there are sites that strictly do not allow dogs, so make sure to book one that will allow you to bring your pet to avoid having to cancel last minute.

Re-check Vaccinations

Once you have the campground out of the way, ensure that you have all of your pet’s documentations and that all of his vaccinations are updated. Not only for the campground but also for the sake of Fido!

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Pack a Doggy Bag

Here’s a quick list of what you need to pack in your doggy bag:

  • Outdoor Leash with Stake – but never leave him tied up unattended.
  • Poo bags – leave nothing but paw prints!
  • Nightlight for dog’s collar – this can attract bugs so make sure you have a pet friendly repellent to go with it.
  • Portable food and water bowl
  • Dog food
  • Treats and toys

Plan Sleeping Arrangement

Make sure you plan where your dog will be sleeping during the night. If he is sleeping with you in the tent, ensure that you purchase a tent that can accommodate this.

Napier’s SUV Tent with Screen Room has the extra space to store your baggage in the screen room and have more space inside. If you have a truck, a Sportz Truck Tent with the Sportz Link is the perfect set-up for camping with dogs.

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Encourage Fun and Physical Activities

Take your furry friend to the trail or play fetch, either way your pet will surely have a blast. This is a great way to tire them out and limit the barking.

Barking can attract the attention of wildlife and it can also be a nuisance for your neighbors at the campsite, so pack plenty of toys to keep Fido busy!

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