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Sportz SUV Tent (With Screen Room)


$479.99 CAD

Sportz SUV Tent 84000 interiorSportz SUV Tent 84000 stand alone ground tentSportz SUV Tent 84000 stand aloneSportz SUV Tent 84000. Photo by Olivier TheriaultSportz SUV Tent 84000. Photo courtesy of From Seas to Trees

With a quick 15 minute set-up time, this spacious Sportz SUV Tent allows you to catch some Z’s in the cargo area of your SUV while using the tent as an extra living space! Bugs at dinner time will no longer be a problem when you dine in style with the screen room. We also offer a custom-sized footprint accessory that provides extra ground coverage for the screen room, making this the ultimate travel accessory for your next camping adventure.

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Product features of the Sportz SUV Tent 84000

Product features of the Sportz SUV Tent 84000

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Less than 10% of this product contains a Prop 65 chemical.



5-6 Plus 2 in the Cargo


17' x 10' (6' at Screen Room Entrance)

Center Height



53 lbs.


Blue & Grey

No. of Doors


No. of Windows


No. of Poles

Tent: 5 Shock Corded Fiberglass, 6 Steel Awning: 2 Steel

Storm Flaps

Yes- Windows & Door

Water Proofing

1200 mm PU Coating

Wall & Roof Materials

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

Polyester Mesh

Floor Material


Rainfly Material

Polyester Taffeta with Taped Seams

Rear Access Panel





3 Seasons- Spring, Summer, Fall


Gear Loft, 2 Gear Pockets, Lantern Holder & Expandable Carrying Bag


1 Year

How do I know which tent will fit my SUV? The “Fit My Ride” tool on our homepage will help you determine which tent will best fit your vehicle. Our SUV Tents are designed with a universal vehicle sleeve to accommodate all CUV’s, SUV’s, and minivans for a custom fit.

How does the sleeve on the SUV Tent secure to the vehicle? The universal vehicle sleeve has an elastic band at the end creating a custom fit to your vehicle. The adjustable wheel well and trunk straps ensure a snug fit to your vehicle and the fabric flaps on the inside of the sleeve help seal any minor gaps caused by a curvy vehicle.

Can one-person set-up a Napier SUV Tent? Yes. For the initial set-up however, we do recommend having assistance. Due to the long pole design of the Sportz Dome-To-Go (86000) and the Backroadz SUV Tent (13100 and 19100), it may be slightly more challenging to complete set-up solo.

Will the SUV Tent fit on my SUV that has barn doors?
Yes. To ensure the best fit possible, we recommend our larger SUV Tents (82000, 84000, 13100, and 19100).

Will the SUV Tents work with a truck that has a camper shell/cap on it?
Yes. As long as the height from the ground to the highest point of the cap window/door does not exceed 80”, SUV Tents are compatible.

Will the SUV Tents work with a small enclosed trailer (i.e. a teardrop trailer)? Yes, as long as the circumference of the trailer opening does not exceed 210”.

My pole broke? How do I get a new one?
Please refer to the Warranty section on the website.

Is there a warranty?
There is a one-year manufacturer defect warranty.  Please consult the Warranty section on the website.

If it’s raining, what do I do with the canopy? Angle one of the awning poles so that the water will run off and not pool. Angle the bottom of the pole one way and peg out the other way. If you are leaving the campsite, it’s best to set-up camp for rain, just in case. Put away equipment, zip up all tent windows and doors, use the rainfly. Zip or roll up the awning. If it’s raining a lot, we would suggest not to use the canopy.

How can I make sure that my tent is the most water resistant that it can be?
Our tents already have a water-resistant coating on them. However, the coating may wear down over time and you may want to spray a water repellent coating onto the tent and rainfly after a few years of use.

Do I need to use a seam sealer on my tent?
A seam sealer is not necessary. Our rainflies and truck tent floors have taped seams to guard against water entry. For additional protection and product maintenance, you may wish to use a seam sealant on your tent. Please note that water drops through the needle holes along the seams is common with all tents and is not a manufacturer’s defect.

How do I find a retailer near me?
The “Find a Retailer” tool on our website will help you locate your closest retailer.

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12 reviews for Sportz SUV Tent (With Screen Room)

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  • Adam

    So far we’ve used the tent for approximately 20 days over 5 trips in temperatures from 30 to 90. We attach the tent to a small camp trailer with small propane heater and A/C. The tent has held up well so far and we’ve never had any leaks even during thunderstorms (remember to seal your seams). It’s really easy to put up and take down. It fits three cots for the kids and there’s still room inside to play cards. It always packs away easy thanks to the expandable storage bag.

  • Susan

    Amazing tent, so easy to put up and take down again, really roomy and makes camping comfortable being able to sleep in our vehicle (a Ford Escape) and use the tent for everything else. Absolutely love it, recommend this to anyone thinking of buying one. Hope that you can get a distributor in NZ.

  • jfkim78 on Amazon

    Easy setup and really functional as i can attach to back of my van and use the back for the kids to sleep and play. We took it to Oregon and got a few compliments at the campground. Easy to secure and tie around trunk so no flies would get in.

  • Linda on Amazon

    Loved the addition for bedroom basically. The screen porch is great, just loved that. Take off shoes out there, 10 foot square main room stayed clean. Nice not to have to take a separate screen porch. There were 4 of us sitting in the screen part playing cards and no mosquitos. Also had a door on the Main section and a canopy there too. The large screens and covers are easy to zip. Either together or separate.
    We liked this tent. We are retired and can still pull the boat and have a nice spacious unique tent with basically 3 rooms. It rained hard two nights in a row. We stayed dry. That was awesome. No floor or side wall leaks. If you have ever set up a tent before this one will be easy.

  • Amazon Customer

    I bought this tent for my teardrop camper. I wanted a tent that would fit my galley. Even though it isn’t made for a teardrop, I found it to work perfectly . It’s perfect for winter camping.

  • Tomakze on Amazon

    This thing is AWESOME! We are camping in style now! The tent is built to last, this is an investment that should last for YEARS. It is roomy, comfortable, fairly easy to set up (There are a lot of elements to it, but that is unavoidable for a tent this size) and works great. We got a lot of attention while camping out of it. People thought it was the coolest thing. I have ours attached to the end of our truck with a camper shell on it, and we sleep in the bed. Much better than sleeping on the ground!

  • Patricia from North Kingstown, RI on Wayfair

    Great size, lots of space. It was easy to put together and to take down. I love that we can still use our SUV while camping because we can just zip up the part that goes around the car.

  • Carol from Bixby, OK on Wayfair

    This is a great tent for single person or family needs. I set it up by myself in less than an hour. Love the extra space it gives me for storage and sleeping areas. Can’t wait to give it a try at the lake.

  • Jay Crawford, Cheap is the New Classy

    What we wanted was a tent that we could use during the day but then sleep in our car at night. That’s when we found Napier and their line of vehicle tents. These are tents that actually attach to your truck and SUV allowing you to sleep in your vehicle instead of the ground. What?!

  • From AutoAnything

    I set the tent up prior to my trip because I read that the tents can have a very strong smell when first set up. Set up and breakdown were simple after done once. The instruction book that’s attached to the inside of the tent bag was confusing but I managed to use common sense to set the tent up. Where we camped it rained and it was cold. The rain fly did a great job at keeping the tent dry. It does let cold drafts inside so be prepared with blankets and heaters.

  • Auto Anything

    Great product, easy installation, love the screen room and the height of tent. Tightness of tent around SUV is great and easily removed to drive off. Tent is still standing. Highly recommend

  • Auto Anything

    Great product, easy installation, love the screen room and the height of tent. Tightness of tent around SUV is great and easily removed to drive off. Tent is still standing. Highly recommend


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