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Sportz Strap Protectors


$24.99 CAD

Sportz Strap Protectors

Provide your truck with extra protection against your truck tents’ straps with the Sportz Strap Protectors. These fuzzy strap protectors slide easily over the tents vehicle straps to ultimately prevent damage.

  • Protects your vehicle’s exterior from the truck tent straps
  • Strap protections slide over the existing tent straps
  • Added protection from any rubbing of painted surfaces
  • Set includes 6 straps
  • Fits all Napier truck tents

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6 reviews for Sportz Strap Protectors

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  • Erik on Amazon

    I had ordered a Sportz tent for my truck and was looking for something to protect from the straps rubbing on the paint. This fit the bill and I’m happy with the results.

  • Bradford S on Amazon

    These are great. Soft and appear to protect the paint perfectly.

  • Donna on Amazon

    Perfect- Great strap protectors. They slide perfectly onto the straps of the Napier truck tent. Good length and coverage.

  • William from Sherwood Park, AB on Wayfair

    Works as advertised

  • Ricky

    The Napier Truck tent already has fabric sleeve protectors over the installation clips on the tent. But these straps add a complete level of protection for your tent, vehicle & paint for a worry-less camping trip.

  • William

    Works as advertised.

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