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Sportz Air Mattress


$129.99 CAD

Sportz Air MattressNapier Sportz Air Mattress Model 32000Napier Sportz Air Mattress Model 32000

Whether you’re roughing it on the living room floor, or sleeping comfy in the back of your truck, the comfortable Sportz Air Mattress will have you sleeping soundly through the night.

• Custom sized to fit between the wheel wells of all full-size pickup trucks
• Flocked top prevents bedding from slipping
• Built-in, hand-power air pump; no batteries or power needed
• Durable constructions can hold up to 400 Lbs
• Includes a carrying bag for easy storage
• Backed by a 30-day warranty

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Less than 10% of this product contains a Prop 65 chemical.










4 Seasons


Carrying Bag


30 Days

Do you need an air mattress pump to inflate the air mattress?

No, there is a built in hand pump in the air mattress.

Does the air mattress cover the wheel wells?

No, the air mattress is designed to fit in between the wheel wells of the truck.

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6 reviews for Sportz Air Mattress

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  • Jim B on Amazon

    Works great! Wish we had found this a long time ago. Nicely fits across the full width of our Grand Caravan. Built-in pump works great.

  • Norma from Baltimore, MD on Wayfair

    Perfect fits the back of the SUV just right holds air and my pups and I are very comfortable 🙂

  • Landon from Mooresville, NC on Wayfair

    Great Product
    I love the internal pump. Biggest selling feature for sure! As with any air mattress I expect it will wear out with time but as of now I’ve had no problems. Fits in the back of my silverado 1500 crew cab

  • JD on Amazon

    After sleeping solo in the back of my 2004 4Runner on numerous off road camping trips, my fiancé finally decided to come along on a trip to the Eastern Sierras. That meant I needed to upgrade from my usual twin-sized air mattress. I considered one of the TruckBedz, but they were back ordered for months.
    This mid-sized air mattress is actually spec’d about 6″ wider than the space between my wheel wells but I rolled the dice anyway. I aired it up, and while it bunched up a little between the wheel wells, it was completely unnoticeable while we were sleeping, and it was the perfect width and length for the 2 of us. Note, though, that I remove the 4Runner’s rear seat bottoms so that the rear of the truck is completely flat – no regular air mattress or 6′ tall human will fit in the back of a 4Runner without doing so. This is an advantage over the Truck Bedz which are short, to fit with the seat bottoms in place.
    The mattress itself seems durable enough and held air perfectly every night. I’ve also read complaints about the hump from what I think is the “inflator”. Simply position that at your feet, rather than under your head, and you’ll never even notice it.
    We also have a queen sized mattress for tent and guest use at the house, but I think we’ll be using this in tents from now on. Plenty of space for 2, as I mentioned, but will leave us some space for gear on the floor. In all, I’m completely happy with this mattress and will be getting a lot of use out of it (or at least as much as my fiancé wants to get out of it!).

  • Diana R (Houston, TX) on Auto Anything

    Now that we’ve got it inflated, the mattress seems to fit our needs. It fits in our Toyota Sienna minivan with the middle seats tumbled forward and two tall people fit fine. The instructions and illustration (not to scale) were confusing. Also, the hand pumping took a while. They didn’t indicate that a an electric pump (12 volt or regular) could be used, but I think it can. We’ve ordered one.

  • Auto Anything

    Built in hand pump can inflate mattress in 2 minutes – fits great in my traverse – really comfy feel puts you right to sleep – I plan on buying more of these -and throwing away my old swimming pool rafts.

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