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Quick Tailgating Tips for Game Day

With the NFL season kicking off, it means that tailgating season is upon us! There is no better time to gather your friends and family to have some pre-game fun before watching your favorite team play at the stadium.

Below are some tips and tricks from Napier to ensure you have the most memorable tailgate party ever.

  • Pack the essentials

A checklist of what to bring is always a good idea. Look for quick recipes that everyone will love a few days in advance so you have ample of time to prepare them. Head over to Napier’s blog and check out Camping Recipes for more ideas!

*Do your research on whether the stadium will allow you to bring your grill—you don’t want any hiccups just before the game!

  • Set up your own corner

Napier’s Sportz Cove is designed for fun activities like tailgating, it’s easy to set-up, so much so that you’ll have your own little nook in under 10 minutes.

Stash any valuables in the cargo area or use it as a sitting spot, either way you’ll find plenty of use for the extra space. With this compact tent, you can take the post-game party to the nearby park or beach to celebrate your team’s victory.

PC: William Gillette

  • Plan your entertainment

Let the pre-game festivities begin with music and games with your friends and family. Bring speakers, music instruments, face paints and decorations to keep the energy high before the real game begins! Some great tailgating games to play are Washer Toss, Beer Pong and Frisbee. In case all else fails, bring a deck of cards.

PC: @Tiffany4

  • Bring portable furniture and stay cozy

Pack folding chairs and tables so you and your friends are comfortable. If you have a pick-up truck and want to impress the other guests, bring a Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series and get your friends to bring theirs too – hang your team’s flag nearby, lay out food on a table and you’ll have the coolest tailgate party ever.


  • Save enough time to clean up

Set aside some time to clean up after yourselves. Depending on how big your set-up, make sure you have enough time to pack up and not miss the opening of the game.


PC: William Gillette

*If you have the Sportz Truck Tent, you can stash all your belongings in your truck’s cargo box and zip up the flaps while you watch the game. Keep the valuables locked in the cab and you’re good to go. Remember to put away the tent before driving home!

PC: Cam DiCecca

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