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Product Highlight: Napier’s Sportz Truck Tent

Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series

This week I decided to do a product related blog post to give more information on one of our top selling products… Napier’s Sportz 57 Series Truck Tent! It is an advanced version of our original 1990’s truck tent but with many added features.

This tent is a great fit for anyone who owns a pickup truck or plans on purchasing one. It is not only for trucks as I have also seen it set up in the back of a utility trailer. Napier’s R&D team has personally measured and tested the tent on each style and size of pickup truck available on the market. Napier offers 7 unique sizes to ensure the best fit for your truck! To help make sure everyone can find their correct size, there is an amazing tool called “Fit My Ride” on our homepage. All the information that you need to know is your truck make, model, year, and length of bed. It’s that easy!

Our most liked feature for the Sportz 57 Series Truck Tent is that it comes with an exclusive fully enclosed tent floor; that’s right… the floor is sewn right in!

Another fantastic feature is the amount of space that the tent provides. The headroom boasts over 5.7′ (which is taller than I am), so the average person doesn’t need to worry about bending or crawling around. There’s also enough space inside the tent to fit an air mattress and sleep two people comfortably.

The Sportz 57 Series Truck Tent has a large awning attached to the back above the opening of the tent. The awning provides more weather protection and storage space for any bulky items that you may carry. This model also has a window/opening in the back so that if your truck has a back window, you can access the trucks interior and power outlets. Access to power allows you to charge your electronic devices or even get heat pumping through the tent.

As for assembly, it is straightforward and easy! It can be done in just 15 minutes by one person, and yes… we’ve tested this! The poles are color-coded making it easy to set into place, and waterproof instructions have been sewn right into the bag so there’s no chance you will lose them. Keep in mind that the first set up may take longer and it would be best to have some extra hands. I promise that it does get easier with practice and before you know it, you will soon become an expert!

Other notable features include the large windows (3) and ceiling vents (2) that give extra ventilation, as well as a built-in lantern holder, gear loft, and gear pocket. Organization is key to a successful adventure!

Growing up, one of the top complaints that I would always hear about is how hard it is to get a tent back into its storage bag. Yikes… I can personally remember a few nightmares! Do not fear as Napier’s tents all come with expandable storage bags; giving you that little bit of extra room needed to get everything back into the bag safely. A good tip is to fold the tent flat into the same length as the carrying bag before you roll it up (poles and pegs in the middle). It will fit like a breeze!

Frequently asked questions you may ask. All of them can be found directly on the product page, but for convenience, a few are listed below.

Will the tent fit over a toolbox in the truck bed? YES! Place the tent over the toolbox to minimize rain entry. If you have a metal toolbox, cover any sharp corners as they may tear the tent fabric.

Will the tent fit over a truck with bedside rails? YES! If the railings are less than 3″ tall. Taller railings will need to be removed.

Can I use my truck tent if my vehicle has a cap? A better solution to consider is our SUV tents, which may fit any truck with a cap up to 80″ tall (roof to ground). 

All of our tents offer a one year warranty against all manufacturers defects. You can always submit a warranty claim or give our excellent customer service expert, Lauren, a call . She will be more than happy to help you out! I have even received a few messages on Instagram and am happy to pass them along! That’s what we are here for 🙂

If you own this tent, we would love to hear your review! You can easily add them to our site through the product page.

Enjoy the weekend ahead!

Alisa from Napier


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One response to “Product Highlight: Napier’s Sportz Truck Tent”

  1. munster says:

    I have the 1990 Sportz truck tent for my 8ft bed F150. Just beach camped for a week with it , At 20 years ,it still works unreal. Great product which I would buy again in a heartbeat!

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