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Planning a Road Trip During COVID-19

Whether you are an experienced camper, or someone just looking for more time outside, travel during the time of COVID-19 can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right preparation and flexibility, there’s no reason this Summer can’t be one of your best yet! Pack up the truck/SUV and hit the open road! Here are our top tips for planning your road trip during COVID-19.

Research Openings

Before anything, it is important to decide on your road trip destination. With COVID-19 affecting regions to different degrees, be sure to investigate the status of your location options. The last thing you want after packing and preparing for a weekend away is to arrive at a closed destination and reroute your entire plans. Always be sure to keep up to date with your state’s closures to ensure you make the most of your travels. Also be sure to check more than just the final destination. Make sure to check in on accessibility or adjusted hours for all your stops along the way!

Follow Regulations and Guidelines


After deciding on a location and investigating openings, be sure to look into possible restrictions and regulations. Many popular destinations are requiring a reservation, and are limiting certain activities to maximize social distancing behavior. If a specific hiking, fishing, or swimming spot is your reason for choosing a spot, then stay informed on their posted closures and restrictions. Make sure to pack extra hygiene and sanitation products, including face masks. These may be necessary to enter indoor facilities or check-in/registration areas.

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Maintain Your Distance

During COVID-19, parks are encouraging campers to keep their distance from one another. One of the best ways to do this is to have a well-designed tent. Napier’s lineup of vehicle tents utilize the space of your truck bed / SUV hatch in ways a ground tent can’t. Our SUV Tents add extra sleeping areas or storage space to your tent by combining your vehicle and tent. Even better –  you could skip the crowded campgrounds altogether and take your adventure off road! With our Truck Tents, there’s no need to search for perfectly even ground or soft dirt for stakes. Your base camp follows you anywhere you go!


Prepare to Be Self-Sufficient

With many services and materials being restricted to try and limit contact, it’s a good idea to prepare anything you may need beforehand, and be ready to navigate the grounds using directional signage upon arrival. This includes things like having printed maps or having adequate supplies to limit the need to stock up at nearby stores. If possible, do all your shopping in your home town. This will keep your bubble as small as possible! If you’re looking for inspiration on what to cook – feel free to check out our list of camping recipes!

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Get Out and Do It!

With the current border restrictions, and international travel being put on hold, there is no better time than now to explore the beauty of your local areas. During a time of indoor isolation, it’s important to get out and be active, or simply relax and get some fresh air. Whether it’s camping, fishing, BBQ’s, or picnics, Napier has products that are sure to enhance your time outdoors.

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Author: Riley Kooh

June 8th, 2020

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