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Cam Dicecca

Cam Dicecca

Texas, United States

Backroadz Truck Tent, Sportz Strap Protectors, Sportz Air Mattress

2018 Toyota Tacoma Sport

Originally from New Hampshire, I’ve always loved being outdoors. After college, I spent more time traveling the country and exploring some of the beautiful parks the US has to offer, taking photos wherever I went so I could always look back at those memories. 

As someone who has always had cars their entire life, getting a truck was definitely a change, but a very welcomed change. After seeing some pictures of truck tents on Instagram, I just knew I had to get one. 

The first time using my Napier Backroadz Truck Tent was one of the best camping memories I’ve had so far. My girlfriend and I drove up to the White Mountains in Northern New Hampshire during peak foliage season in October/November. We were surrounded by vibrant colors of Autumn all day and night, and knew we had made a great choice with our Backroadz Tent.

The Sportz Strap Protectors are a great investment, and can help with super windy days where your straps might be rubbing against your truck a little too much.

It’s hard to beat the White Mountains of New Hampshire during almost any time of the year. Endless outdoor activities, great camping locations, and beautiful views make this area a pinnacle of New England.

Whether camping or hiking, I’m a sucker for Strawberry Uncrustables. They’re a perfect snack/meal to grab while you’re on the way to your camping/hiking destination.

Hamilton, Queen, or any playlist with “Africa” by Toto




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