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Ambassador Will Stewart

Will Stewart

Lives In: Birmingham, AL

Occupation: Professional Singer & Songwriter

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Bio: In March 2016, Will Stewart headed back home to Alabama.

He’d been away for years, living in Nashville while earning his stripes as a songwriter, frontman, and lead guitarist. His fans reached as far away as London, where The Guardian — one of the U.K.’s most widely-reached papers — hailed his work.

Still, something kept drawing him down South. He’d grown up there, surrounded by the twang of classic country music and the stomp of rootsy rock & roll. Alabama was a complicated place, its history filled with dark characters and cultural clashes, but it was oddly compelling, too. It was home. Unable to resist the pull, Stewart returned to Birmingham. There, after a decade away, he rediscovered his muse: the Modern South, whose characters, complexities, open spaces, and strange beauty are all channeled into Stewart’s full-length solo debut, County Seat.

Upcoming Shows: 

May 12 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL

May 18 – Seasick Records – Birmingham, AL

May 20 – Standard Deluxe – Waverly, AL

May 22 – Cat’s Cradle Back Room – Carrboro, NC

June 9 – Ghost Train Brewing Co. – Birmingham, NC

June 16 – Slice Fest – Birmingham, AL

July 15 – Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark – Birmingham, AL

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