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Ambassador Jeremiah Goley

Jeremiah Goley AKA @thatcementtaco

California, United States

Camo Backroadz Truck Tent, Sportz Air Mattress, Napier Camping Chair, Napier Travelers Bag

California is home base with wife of 20 years, 3 crazy awesome kiddos and a Labradoodle that won’t leave my side.  I’ll confess, it can be far too easy to get wrapped up in building the perfect overlanding setup and look right over the reason I’m building it.  For me, I strive to make it about who I’m with and exploring together this crazy beautiful world… not what I’m riding in. In 50 years the truck and gear will be a heap of rusting metal, but quality time spent with family and friends will reap a hefty return. The combination of the right gear with the right truck, will serve as a perfect tool for togetherness.  A little sappy maybe… but true.  We are better together.  

2020 Toyota Tacoma Offroad 4×4

Don’t set up new gear for the first time on the trail.  Test it out in the driveway and get accustomed to how it all goes together and breaks down.  When it’s pouring the rain on the trail or you don’t get to that perfect campsite until 10:00pm, you’ll be thankful you don’t need the directions to set that amazing tent up.  

I’m obsessed with Moab and anything in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Smores. Duh.




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