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National Day of Unplugging

National Day of Unplugging
March 9-10, 2018

As a society, we have developed rapidly by reaching technological advances that our ancestors could not have even imagined were possible. The way we converse and interact with one another is based on the tools in our hands and at our desk. We spend more time looking at artificial screens than we do camp fires. We text our friends more than we engage in face to face conversations. March 9th – 10th is National Day of Unplugging where the campaign encourages society to stop missing out on the important moments of our lives by unplugging from electronic devices. The power of connecting with our communities, our loved ones, and most importantly, ourselves is an emotion we lose in today’s society. There is no better way to connect with yourself and loved ones than an adventure in the woods. Let a Napier Vehicle Camping Tent take you and your family on an adventure away from the strain of the screens and away from the emojis that run your emotions.

How to Unplug 101:

Step 1

Book a campsite in your local area with deep woods, crisp water, and perhaps some wildlife. Did you know that we provide #NapierNation with some of the best camping spots in the USA and Canada? Visit for more details.

Where to Go!
Rocky what to pack

Step 2

Make it authentic by bringing the bare essentials. This includes a Napier vehicle tent, fire wood, a grill, food and drinks, and of course…good company! Not sure what to pack? Make sure to check out our essential packing guide at for more details.

Step 3

Refuse to take the “basic” selfie; even if it’s just for the weekend. We all know how important it is to update our friends and strangers on our constant location, the food we just ate, or the deer we just saw, but for one weekend, could we unplug? Go ahead and be one with nature!

No Selfies Please
Talk To Eachother!

Step 4

Turn off your mobile devices and toss them in your glove box. Keep them handy for emergency purposes only. Could we actually survive a weekend without constantly checking our phones or worrying that we lost it? It’s official…we challenge you!

Step 5

Lastly, reconnect under the stars, engage in conversations with your loved ones, and star gaze by the fire. Now is your chance to reconnect with those close to you and with nature. Soak it in and forget the stresses of the world; even if it is only for 48 hours.

William Gillette Backroadz Truck tent
Did we miss any essential steps to unplugging? Comment your suggestions below.

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