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Make Adventure Your 2021 Resolution!

For many of us, the ball drop on December 31st restarts the age-old question of “what changes can I make in the new year?”. A resolution can come in any shape or size. However, the most common usually revolve around exercising, eating better, or trying a new activity. However, it always seems that after a few weeks, motivation tends to fizzle out and these resolutions become a bit more of a pipe dream more than a goal.

There are a variety of reasons this could happen, maybe you have work or family obligations that take priority, or you just get burnt out running through the same dreadful workouts and drinking kale smoothies. Whatever the case is, if your resolutions require you to get psyched and motivated just to get through them, then they’re likely missing the one key thing that will keep you on track: FUN! If you don’t find a way to enjoy what you’re doing then the odds of making it a lifestyle are always going to be low. Here are our top ways to make adventure your 2021 resolution! Whether it’s spending more time with friends/family, getting exercise, eating healthier, or making memories, we’ve got you covered.


Traditional Camping


Traditional camping is a blanket term I like to use to refer to camping at registered campgrounds. These are a great way to start out your camping hobby since you don’t have to go completely off grid! Many campgrounds have electrical options, a supplies lodge, and other campers around so you won’t be completely alone if something goes south. While it is definitely easier and requires less gear than some more extreme outings, it also is no walk in the park! If your resolutions typically include getting more exercise, eating healthier, or connecting with friends/family, then I can’t recommend traditional camping enough! With tons of trails to hike, lakes to swim in, fires to build, and tents to setup, there’s no shortage of exercise when you’re in the woods. When it comes to diet, you can obviously go a little off track if all you pack are snacks – but if you prepare properly, your over-the-fire cooked meals will definitely be much healthier than any fast food! Having to pack all your groceries to go will force you to limit your ingredients which means there’s only room for the essentials – meaning more whole foods and less junk.


Now camping doesn’t have to entirely revolve around a healthy lifestyle either. If your resolution is to cut down on screen time, travel, pick up a photography hobby, etc. then camping could your answer! With international travel still looking iffy through 2021 – camping could be  just what the doctor ordered! Sometimes taking care of the soul is just as important than the body – so pack up your favorite cocktails, your best friends and hit the road less traveled! It’s amazing what there is to discover in your own state/province.


Backcountry Camping


If you already have a few camping trips under your belt and find yourself craving some more wonder and excitement, then I encourage you to look into backcountry camping as a resolution. Backcountry camping is essentially exactly as it sounds. It’s camping in the back country! This style of camping takes you completely off-grid. Although it’s challenging to be self sufficient, you can fall in love with some truly serene views and experiences. While this might take a bit more of an initial investment in gear, the pay off is well worth it. If you’re feeling cooped up from lockdowns, backcountry camping is an incredible resolution to scratch that wanderlust itch! If you’re at a loss for ideas on where to try, check out this awesome list of locations from!



Rock Climbing


Although it sounds like it may be reserved for adrenaline junkies – rock climbing is an incredible way to get outdoors. You get a great workout while potentially find a new passion that can take you places only a handful of people have seen! I do not recommend starting big if you have no prior experience. Safety is a huge concern during outdoor climbs. You should always research the applicable gear and styles of climbing before starting. However, once you get your sea legs under you by starting small, you can slowly start to explore new heights and challenges! I have multiple friends which struggled to maintain a solid gym schedule who fell in love with rock climbing. They developed some insane functional strength and mobility! If you’re considering a gym resolution and have a love of the outdoors, then definitely consider rock climbing as an alternative.

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Hiking Trips


Getting more daily steps is another resolution I hear time and time again. Although this is a great goal to set, it can get tedious to walk the same routes near your home. This monotony can cause motivation to drop quickly. Incorporating trail hikes around your state/province can be a great way for a refreshing change! You’d be surprised at how quickly your body can adapt to the same routines. It’s important to push yourself once and a while to keep seeing progress. If you’re new to trail hiking then be sure to check out our previous guide on starting out! The uneven terrain and elevation changes can really add up to a good workout. With trails coming in all difficulty levels, you can choose something more or less challenging. I recommend using AllTrails to plan out your hikes, you can search based off difficulty, distance to your house, and scenery for some awesome views and photos!


If you’re feeling up to some more adventure, I would also recommend looking into overnight hikes. This kind of comes hand in hand with backcountry camping. There are virtually endless trails you explore, each with different unique sights and experiences of their own. If you’re ready to upgrade from day hikes and have a free weekend, planning an overnight extended hike is extremely rewarding, and sleeping under the stars is an irreplaceable experience.



Although this new year is definitely going to be different than most, you can still make it unforgettable! If you find yourself setting the same resolutions year after year, then put an adventurous spin on them. Trade the generic “spend more time with family” for “camp once a month”, “join a gym” with “try rock climbing for the first time”, or “get more steps” with “find a new hike each Saturday”. You’ll be amazed at how much more exciting your resolutions are when they’re centered around adventure.


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Author – Riley Kooh

Jan 11, 2o21

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