Truck tents are making Camping in the Cold fun again! | Napier Outdoors Truck tents are making Camping in the Cold fun again! | Napier Outdoors

Truck tents are making Camping in the Cold fun again!

Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series

Saturday October 7, 2017 / By ‘IBackpack Canada’

One of the hardest parts about camping in Canada is the extreme swings in temperature during the spring and fall, which makes camping during those seasons a gamble. Spring downpours can lead to a very soggy sleep, which nobody wants. While on the hand, later in the season, fall can drop to below zero overnight. When you’re sleeping on the ground it can make for a much less enjoyable trip. Fortunately, if you’re a truck owner like me, there is an alternative to complaining. Getting off the ground and into that truck bed!

Truck Tents Save The Day

Truck tents have been around for a while, you may have seen them at campgrounds already. While early models might have been a bit of a pain to setup, new models have gotten much easier to strap onto the bed and keep you covered from wind, rain, snow, but most importantly, they get you off the ground. I recently was sent a Napier truck tent for my old, very old, very loud, Chevy s10, and got to take it for a spin early this summer. I was surprised they had a truck tent for a model as old as mine, but it fit perfectly.

Your truck box breaks more wind than any fabric can

It might come as no surprise, but the box of your break is much better at breaking wind than any type of fabric. Having that solid piece of metal between you and the wind cuts down a lot on the breeze, and the durable fabric Napier uses kept me dry despite a rainy evening. With a thin sleeping pad under me, I was surprised how comfortable everything felt.

Roomy and convenient

My s10 is a tiny truck, and even in it I felt like there was plenty of room to spare. Whether you’re camping with your dog, your wife, or just a cooler of beer, these truck beds give you a ton of room to sprawl. I would absolutely recommend getting a slightly thicker sleeping pad. If you’re truck liner is like mine and filled with ridges, you’ll want to ensure your sleeping pad is thick enough to keep those from causing any pressure points during your sleep.

Truck Tents are surprisingly simple to setup and take down

I’m not one to curse at tents for taking a little while to build. It’s to be expected with just about any tent, with the exception of those funky pop and drop tents (which can’t be that sturdy). The Napier truck tent wasn’t too hard to setup. I did need the instructions just to ensure it was all properly strapped together. I’d recommend just sticking them in your glove compartment in the off chance you forget a step down the road.

All in all I think truck tents are an awesome option for those taking their big wheels our for a weekend rip. You’ve got that sturdy protection from your truck, a ton of space and superb head room, and you’re completely covered from the elements. If you’re going to be doing any camping in spring or fall, these are a must own for any truck owner.

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