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Napier Sportz SUV Tent (#84000) with 2011 Honda Odyssey Review

Tuesday, July 16, 2018

I love tents. I love vans.

When I teamed up with Napier, I couldn’t be more excited about utilizing this tent. We recently bought a used 2011 Honda Odyssey and our family loves to do mini adventures in it everywhere we go. We are constantly utilizing the fold-flat seats and making the trunk space a usable play area for the kids. This tent was a perfect addition to the fun.

Set-up Process

This was relatively straightforward. I watched one Youtube video a week before I set it up so I could have a point of reference when I took mine out for the first time. I set up 65% by myself and my wife helped with the other 35%, but it was still doable (she was wrangling in our two other kiddos at the time). Attaching it to the car was simple and the straps were long enough to find tie down points on different areas of the car. If you have a roof rack it is even more simple. Poles feel solid and the tie downs are generic but sufficient. I do suggest having two people assist to place the rain fly on. It was tricky to get it draped over the whole setup by myself. It is easily labeled what side is the “car side” which makes one of the final steps easy in securing the rainfly down.



Space. Space. Space.

There is a ton of room in this tent and having access to the trunk makes load in and load out a breeze! I love the porch area as it provides a great in and out point especially when raining. We had all the windows down before the rain and it felt like a true screened in porch. This entry way is where shoes can be kept and anything else you may want to keep dry but don’t want to place in the actual tent. We had two full size camp chairs in this space and it was still comfortable. Inside the tent there is a top storage area and a few other pockets around the inside. Access to the van is simple and secure. We used the van space as a staging area and “storage closet”. The passthrough between the van and tent can be zipped up for added privacy.


I can’t say enough good things about this tent. From the design, to ventilation, to the added bonus of having an awning, this is an all-purpose tent. With the simple pole design and setup being a breeze, I can’t wait to take this out again on our next trip.


  • Tons of space (easy to stand in and I am 6 feet tall)
  • Under 30 minutes set-up (this was on the first try)
  • Lots of stakes included
  • It can be a stand alone tent without a vehicle attached
  • Very good ventilation
  • Secure fit on vehicle


  • Heavy when packed
  • So much space inside you lose “warmth”
  • Very minor leak in the corner on first rain (I am going to use seam sealer and I expect it to be fine)
  • Zippers are solid but do snag every so often
  • A little tough to find the “right” camp spot that fits this configuration

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