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Napier Rooftop Tent On Sale This Spring

Friday, January 31, 2020 / by Jonathan Lopez From

Anyone looking to get out into the great outdoors this spring will be happy to learn that Napier is gearing up to release a new tent designed specifically for mounting on the roof of a pickup truck or SUV. We recently captured photos of the new Napier rooftop tent at this year’s Montreal International Auto Show in Canada, which show it on top of a black GMC Canyon pickup truck. The tent will be available in GM dealers throughout North America this spring.

“This durable, weather-resistant tent features ripstop polyester canvas with 2000-mm PU waterproofing – both UV and mold resistant – and three windows for ventilation and breathtaking views,” Napier explains.

The tent will be available in both grey and black. Additionally, the tent comes equipped with a foam mattress that stretches from end to end, plus a number of pockets for storage and an extra rainfly. The tent sleeps two to three people.

The new Napier rooftop tent requires a roof rack or cross bars for installation. Easy access to the Napier rooftop tent is provided via an adjustable ladder that connects at one side.

Napier says the tent is compatible with any truck or SUV equipped with aftermarket cross bars. However, the bars must have a dynamic weight capacity that can support the installed tent weight (165 pounds) and a static weight of 600 pounds.

The exact release date of the new Napier rooftop tent  is not yet known, but it is expected to launch sometime this spring in both the U.S. and in Canada. Pricing is set at $1,499 in the U.S., and CAD$1,885 in Canada.

The Napier rooftop tent is offered as part of the brand’s 30th anniversary celebration for 2020. We should also point out that Napier is an official accessory distributor for General Motors.

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