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How To Tailgate Safely This Super Bowl

Super Bowl LV is upon us! In a year that has been far from predictable, something that has acted as a cornerstone of entertainment for a lot of individuals stuck at home has been sports. Sports games have always been an engaging way to get out with friends, build bonds, and fall in love the game. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, where most forms of entertainment are limited to bingeing Netflix in our living rooms, this has been more important than ever.

With most major leagues now returning to regular play (with restrictions), these seasons, tournaments, rivalries, all-star games, etc. offer up a sense of normalcy and excitement. With the Super Bowl coming up, all eyes are turning to the NFL. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to enjoy a relatively regular feeling season. This wraps up on February 7th with a faceoff between Tom Brady’s Buccaneers and Pat Mahomes’ Chiefs. Depending on your region’s restrictions – you may be lucky enough to be able to get together with friends or family for your pregame festivities. If you land in that group, then you’re in the right place! Here are our top tips to enjoy tailgating during COVID-19.


Enjoy the Outdoors


Tailgating outdoors is a great option for two reasons. The obvious first being that an outdoor setting is recommended as the safest option for a gathering. The second is that it offers a chance to enjoy some quality time outside our homes during a time of indoor isolation. With today’s level of connectivity, the NFL can follow you anywhere! Head to your local park, friend’s backyard, nearby parking lot, etc. and take in some live streamed HD Pre-Game material while staying safe and enjoying a refreshing change of scenery.

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Plan Ahead


To ensure a safe experience, make sure everyone is on the same page for your tailgate plans. If everyone brings their own supplies, you can limit the need for household mingling and potential transmission. Planning for things like sanitizers, face masks, food, drinks, space heaters, coolers, ice, and activities ensures that your group won’t have to run to the local store or borrow anything from neighboring tailgaters.

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Planning ahead also comes in handy in relation to weather conditions. Make sure to check ahead for any rain, sleet, or snow and have some sort of shelter options to stay warm and dry! Napier’s variety of canopies and vehicle tents with built in awnings are great options for tailgating, since they offer a quick setup for protection from the elements, while providing access to all your gear from within your vehicle!

Spread Out

The biggest recommendation I can give for tailgating during COVID-19 is to take advantage of space. Getting there nice and early is going to be your best bet to set up your own area and ensure you can keep your distance. Gear can also come into play here – make sure you get your chairs, tables, games, grill, ect. set up right as you arrive. Speaking from experience, setting up everything with proper spacing right off the bat is going to be a much smoother and more thought-out process than after a few drinks.


Focus on the Positive

The best advice for a good tailgating experience through COVID is to come at it with a grateful attitude.  Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t. Social distancing and face masks can change your activities and group size, but it can’t take away great food, time with friends and family, and quality football. Try to make the situation fun with some distant games or custom facemasks! Although my beloved Bills couldn’t repeat their AFC win against the Chiefs, there’s still a lot to enjoy and be grateful for – so make sure to get out and enjoy a safe Super Bowl this year!

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