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1990 The first Sportz Truck Tent is developed. Napier is one of the first companies to produce and market Truck Tents in North America.
1997 GM launches Napier’s Truck Tents in the genuine GM Accessories program for Chevy & GMC  Full-Sized pickup trucks.
1999 Ford USA launches Napier’s Truck Tents as genuine Ford Accessory.
2000 Napier redesigns the Truck Tent to include awning and increased headroom.
2001 Napier introduces Sportz SUV Tents to the market.
2002 Napier designs a specific tent package for the Pontiac Aztek to help GM market the car to younger drivers and to complement their active outdoor lifestyle. GM includes the tent package in every Aztek sold. The tent package includes a vehicle tent and inflatable mattress, which allows the Aztek to double as a camper. The Aztek and camping package are featured on the show Survivor. Nissan US launches Napier’s Truck Tents in the genuine Nissan Accessories Program.
2004 Nissan North America adds the SUV Tent for the Murano, Xterra,  Pathfinder and Armada in the genuine Nissan Accessories Program.
2005 Napier redevelops the Sportz Truck Tent (55 Series)to include larger headroom and larger windows.
2008 Jeep Canada features SUV Tent in national commercial.
2009 Napier develops a custom SUV Tent for Honda to be distributed through Honda dealerships in North America.
2010 Volkswagen launches Napier’s SUV Tent in genuine Volkswagen Accessories.
2011 The redeveloped Sportz Truck Tent (57 Series) is launched. New features include rear access panel, increased side height and freestanding awning (does not requried to be pegged down). The redeveloped Sportz SUV Tents (82000 and 84000) are launched. Ford USA launches Napier’s SUV Tent (82000) as genuine Ford Accessory.
2013 Napier launches the newest line, Backroadz. The Backroadz line features reasonably priced Truck Tents and SUV Tents.
2016 Napier launches the custom Honda Ridgeline and Nissan Titan Truck Tents.
2017 Napier launches the Sportz Cove– a compact awning to fit the back of SUVs.


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