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International Shipping

►For all consumer orders, we currently ship to US & Canada only.

How much does shipping cost?

►Please enter your ZIP or postal code in the FedEx calculator during checkout to calculate your shipping rate.

►For replacement parts, the shipping fee is a flat rate of $15 to US and $20 to Canada for 1-3 poles.

How long does it take to deliver an item?

►The standard delivery time is 3-5 business days.

*Please note the delivery time may vary depending on your location.

I haven’t received my purchase yet. What should I do?

►Please allow at least seven days for your order to reach you. If it has been more than seven days, please contact customerservice@napieroutdoors.com.

My order was returned to sender. What should I do?

►Please contact customerservice@napieroutdoors.com

To avoid this from happening, please leave a note during the order process to ensure the carrier can locate your delivery address.

►Please note we cannot refund the shipping/handling fee if the address was entered incorrectly.


Something happened to my tent. How do I submit a warranty claim?

►Napier offers a one-year manufacturer warranty. If there is an issue with your tent within this one year period, please fill out the e-warranty claim form found here.

►The warranty policy can be reviewed on the same page by clicking on the “Warranty Policy” tab.

How do I return my tent?

►Please review Napier’s complete return policy here.

If purchased from Napier: Within 7 days of delivery, you may return the item for any reason for a return if the box is unopened (excluding original shipping and handling fee). It is your responsibility to ship the item back to Napier, once the item is received in original (unopened) packaging at the warehouse and the item is inspected and rectified, a refund will be issued on the original method of payment. This process normally takes 10 – 15 days.

►Discontinued, phased out or rectified products cannot be returned.

►If you received the tent from Napier with damaged or with missing parts, please submit an e-warranty claim form here

I purchased a tent from a third-party retailer, can I return it directly to you?

►Please do not return a tent to Napier without a written confirmation from us. We cannot process returns for tents that are not purchased directly from us.

►Tents purchased from third-party retailers are to be returned to them including Amazon purchases.


Some of the poles seem like a tight fit during set-up, am I doing something wrong?

►Our truck tent poles are designed to be the perfect fit, even if this means they may feel tight during set-up. Please ensure not to force any pole during set-up, and ensure the right poles are being put in the correct places.

►Ensure the vestibule pole is set-up on the outside of your tailgate wire, rather than the inside as this causes too much tension in the pole.

►Align the tent to the truck bed carefully before tightening the straps.

►Ensure the vestibule pole is in the middle of the main pocket before inserting the ends into the side pockets.

How long will it take to set up the tent for the first time?

►All of the tents come with color-coded poles to make set-up a breeze. Most tents can be set-up within 10-15 minutes. Please visit our product pages for more information on the set up process.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

►Replacement parts can be ordered directly from here.

►Orders are typically  delivered within 3-5 business days from date of shipment, unless a custom replacement part needs to be made.

I have an older/discontinued tent. Can I still purchase replacement parts for it?

►Yes. If you do not find the model number on our website, they may still be available to purchase over the phone. Please reach out to our customer service team at 1-800-567-2434 or email us at customerservice@napieroutdoors.com to know if we have your part number in stock.


I have a tonneau cover. Will the truck tent still work?

►If you have a retractable cover, the tent will work.

►Folding and hinged covers will need to be removed.

►If you have roll-up cover, ensure the cover is less than 6″ high for the tent to fit. If the tent is placed against it, please note that the rain could find its way between the truck tent and the cover since there will be a slight gap between the two.

►Please visit the FAQ tab on respective tent’s product page for the complete information.

Will the SUV Tent work with a small enclosed trailer (i.e. a teardrop trailer)?

►Yes, as long as the circumference of the trailer opening does not exceed 210″

Can I use the Sportz Link with a Backroadz Truck Tent?



I want to become a Napier dealer. What is the process?

►Please reach out to sales@napieroutdoors.com. Our sales team will be happy to assist you.

Do I need to use a seam sealer on my tent?

►A seam sealer is not necessary but you may add for additional protection and maintenance. Our rainflies and truck tent floors have taped seams to guard against water entry. Please note that water drops through the needle holes along the seams is common with all tents and is not a manufacturer’s defect.

Why is there a Prop 65 Warning Label?

►The state of California requires businesses to provide warnings about exposure to chemicals like Tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate. This is a chemical that is used in all tents (and other common equipment) with flame retardant coating. Prop 65  lists chemicals that are dangerous in their pure form. When these chemicals are used as components of common products, they are in a relatively small amount and is commonly found in other common products such as aspirin, gasoline, alcoholic beverages, food and so on.

►We use the label to keep our customers informed and to comply with the California law, however our customers safety is our priority and we are confident that our products do not demonstrate a health & safety concern when used properly as stated in the manuals and instructions.


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