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Event Sponsorship Request

Interested in an in-kind sponsorship for your event? We look forward to partnering with you to help make your event a success!

Why Partner with Napier?

  • Get a really cool tent! It’s yours to keep for:
    • Future event displays
    • Raffles
    • Auctions
    • Contests
    • Volunteer Prizing
  • More than just a tent – we want to build a partnership with you
  • Listing on Napier’s website, newsletter & social media platforms
  • We can supply catalogs & brochures to supplement the tent

Additional partnership leverage opportunities (contact our marketing team for more information):

  • Social Media campaigns
  • Co-branded graphic design
  • Blog post content on Napier’s blog
  • Co-hosted contests
  • Let us know what else you are interested in!


Tent Display Tips

Here’s some fun ideas to make the most of the tent display and increase interaction:

  • Create a photo booth
  • Fill the tent with balloons for kids to play with
  • Use as a prop for a game / challenge
  • Use as part of a scavenger hunt
  • Provide as shelter for volunteers
  • Set up a mock campsite / tailgate party
  • Let’s hear your ideas


Who’s Eligible?

We’re looking for events that fit with our product! Here’s what we’re asking from you:

  • Must set up & display tent during the event
  • Provide Napier with images of the event and tent display following the event
  • Offer visibility in value of in-kind donation (ex. Includes display space, online, newsletters, social media, etc.)


Have any questions? How to get in contact with us:

Send us an email: marketing@napieroutdoors.com

Give us a call: 1-800-567-2434


To apply fill out the following form:

  • Where the tent would be sent (US & Canada Only)


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