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Quick Tailgating Tips for Game Day

With the NFL season kicking off, it means that tailgating season is upon us! There is no better time to gather your friends and family to have some pre-game fun before watching your favorite team play at the stadium. Below are some tips and tricks from Napier to ensure you have the most memorable tailgate … [Read more]

Tips for Camping with Dogs

If you love camping, rest assured that your four-legged buddy will love it even more. Dogs love the great outdoors and this is a great opportunity to strengthen your bond with your pet! Going camping with your furry friend is not impossible but can definitely be challenging. There may have been times when you’ve had … [Read more]

Is the #VanLife for You? Find Out Now.

What is #VanLife? “Van life” is a lifestyle choice that many are embracing in order to create balance in their lives. It’s living an endless summer of road trips and adventures. Van life revolves around the community that want to reduce their footprint by living simply and on the road. This community is thriving and … [Read more]

Off-Roading Survival Kit for Beginners

Off-roading is an adventurous and exciting sport that requires more than just a 4×4 truck or Jeep. This activity heavily relies on how prepared you are for any obstacle that may come your way while you’re out there getting dirty. Off-roading can be scary for beginners but when done right, it can be addictive – … [Read more]

Easy Camping Food Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Just when we thought winter was never going to end, the sun has finally graced us with its warm rays. The camping season has arrived! Now that the days are longer, there’s no better time to go out there and explore – on that note, check out our list of picturesque parks to visit, as … [Read more]

Seven National Parks to Visit for National Park Week 2019

Great news, outdoor lovers! Over 400 parks in America are fee-free on April 20! Although it’s only free for a day, each day includes a different theme for the rest of the week to celebrate different occasions. From Military & Veterans Recognition day to honoring the mental and health benefits of taking a nature break, … [Read more]

Outdoor Festival and Camping List for Spring 2019

    Spring is here! It’s a beautiful thing to witness flowers coming to life and little green leaves sprouting from their buds, but what’s even better is that it’s almost the season for camping and outdoor festivals! It is the month of hoarding camping essentials in preparation for multi-day getaways and camping trips for … [Read more]

St. Catharines Nissan Toy Drive 2018

Napier Nation Gives Back

              With the holiday season in full swing, lists are being checked off, gifts are being wrapped, and stockings are being hung. At Napier, we believe that one of the best parts of the holidays is the opportunity to give back to the community.   Since December 1, our friends … [Read more]

A family of four happy campers color the map in scenic Colorado

Image by Coloring the Map When researching tents, we wanted two things out of it. Tall enough for us to stand up in it and connects to our SUV or Truck. Napier Tents has a great selection of tents that can connect to your truck or SUV, and we used the SUV Sports Tent. I LOVE … [Read more]


How one St. Pete family is taking a life-threatening diagnosis and having the best summer ever

Image by Cathy Salustri In December 2015, Jon Kile, in his early 40s, had an ruptured iliac aneurysm, which was unusual but not unusual enough to assume life as he knew it would change forever. Surgeons fixed him and sent him home. Four months later his daughter, Anna, had a cold and stayed home from preschool. … [Read more]


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