Sportz SUV Tent (Model 82000)

Conquer the open road with the Sportz SUV Tent. There’s no need to unpack, keep your gear in the vehicle and simply attach the universal vehicle sleeve to the open hatch of your CUV, SUV, or minivan. Stretch out and enjoy every moment in the spacious 9’ x 9’ tent – your gateway to adventure, exploration, and precious memories.

Genuine Accessory:
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Gear Loft, Pocket, and Lantern Holder

Spacious 9x9ft Interior

Extendable 6x6ft Awning

Connect Seamlessly to Your Vehicle

Experience car camping like never before with the Sportz SUV tent by Napier Outdoors

Here are the features that make it the perfect camping companion:

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5 Persons



Centre Height





Blue & Gray

No. of Doors


No. of Windows

3 (Plus 2 Skylights)

No. of Poles (Tent)

4 Shock Corded Fiberglass

4 Steel Poles

No. of Poles (Awning)

2 Steel Poles

Storm Flaps

Yes - Windows & Doors

Water Proofing

2000mm PU Coating

Wall and Roof Material

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

Polyester Mesh

Floor Material


Rainfly Material

Polyester Tafetta w/ Taped Seams

Rear Access Panel




Seasons for Use

Spring, Summer, Fall

Storage Room

Gear Loft, Gear Pocket, Lantern Holder


1 Year

Our SUV Tents are designed with a universal vehicle sleeve to accommodate all CUV’s, SUV’s, and minivans for a custom fit.

The universal vehicle sleeve has an elastic band at the end creating a custom fit to your vehicle. The adjustable wheel well and trunk straps ensure a snug fit to your vehicle and the fabric flaps on the inside of the sleeve help seal any minor gaps caused by a curvy vehicle.

Yes. For the initial set-up however, we do recommend having assistance.

Yes. To ensure the best fit possible, we recommend our larger SUV Tents (82000, 84000, 13100, and 19100).

Yes. As long as the height from the ground to the highest point of the cap window/door does not exceed 80”, SUV Tents are compatible.

Please refer to the Warranty or Replacement Parts Section of the website.

Yes, as long as the circumference of the trailer opening does not exceed 210”.

Angle one of the awning poles so that the water will run off and not pool. Angle the bottom of the pole one way and peg out the other way. If you are leaving the campsite, it’s best to set-up camp for rain, just in case. Put away equipment, zip up all tent windows and doors, use the rainfly. Zip or roll up the awning. If it’s raining a lot, we would suggest not to use the canopy.

Our tents already have a water-resistant coating on them. However, the coating may wear down over time and you may want to spray a water repellent coating onto the tent and rainfly after a few years of use.

A seam sealer is not necessary. Our rainflies and truck tent floors have taped seams to guard against water entry. For additional protection and product maintenance, you may wish to use a seam sealant on your tent. Please note that water drops through the needle holes along the seams is common with all tents and is not a manufacturer’s defect.

There is a one-year manufacturer defect warranty.  Please consult the Warranty section on the website.

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  • Avatar

    Lucian Sanduskys

    Although it is a voluminous and relatively heavy bag, it is very easy to assemble and the materials from which it is made are of very good quality. I used it now for the first time on a trip to Virginia and it successfully withstood several torrential rains and even a storm. Not a drop of water got inside and it is easy to connect and disconnect the car from the tent (I did it almost daily). I slept in the car and entered and exited through the back directly into the tent. Brilliant concept.

    July 3, 2023
  • Avatar

    Beatrice Boyer

    Happy with the tent as it can be used attached or not attached to my SUV. First time setting up it was a little challenging but after it was done once it was very easy time afterwards

    January 22, 2023
  • Avatar

    Gail Melanson

    This tent does it all. We love it. First time we set it up took 15 minutes. The second time we set it up took 10. Made very well. We have a Cadillac SRX and it perfect. Great product. Be carful I did not realize it came with and without a screen section and when mine came it was the one without. Want the one with. By the time I realized it was not right one it was to late to exchange. The 82000 is without and 84000 is with. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

    June 18, 2021
  • Avatar

    Kirstin Pearce

    Fits our grand dodge caravan and camped in it on a farm for over a month! It’s great! Creates extra room for us to change, cook, stay dry etc!
    Leaks in the left and right hand corners car sides on the seams and the tunnel that connects from the tent to the car can flap around quite a bit. We tend to tie the excess in to stop the noise.
    This tent has also endured 50kph wind gusts multiple times!!

    May 20, 2021
  • Avatar

    Stephen Chopp

    We initially set up the tent in the front yard. It set up easily enough and just fit our full size, Chevy Silverado with shell. The zippers are well constructed and the rain fly is heavier than most. We used the tent in Colorado for three nights in July, and had quite a bit of rain one night. The rain fly does not cover the sleeve, and the instructions suggest the sleeve be taken off the vehicle when heavy rain is expected. I would heed this advice. We had taken the fly off during some heavy rain during the day, but overnight a storm came in and created a lake on the sleeve which eventually leaked – however we had the inside of the tent zipped up, and the shell window closed, so no moisture got in to the bedding, and not much in the tent itself. However, the bottom seams on two corners also leaked. We will seam seal the tent and remember to take down the sleeve in the future. Overall, happy with the build and quality and it was handy in good weather. When rainy – you”ll need to take off the sleeve which will make access to the vehicle unprotected from the rain. We had some serious wind which tore up a few tarps, but the the was fully staked and we used the guy lines, and it had no trouble at all standing up to the wind.

    July 27, 2020
  • Avatar

    michel Savage

    Excellent after sales service in case something is wrong.

    September 8, 2018
  • Avatar

    Janice S (PRESCOTT, AZ)

    Finally got to use it last week. The plan was to sleep in the back of our SUV and use the tent for all our gear a place for our dog to sleep. All worked as planned. Took us awhile to put it up, but we’ll get better. We camped in the AZ desert and it was 48 degrees at night, so we put the rainfly on and it was cozy. The only thing I don’t like is how high the bottom is – I trip on it, but that’s me. We are in our 60s and have come full circle back to a tent and this was the best choice for us.

    February 6, 2018
  • Avatar

    David Skinner, Man Made DIY

    This was a bit of a game changer for me. First, this tent is huge. Slated to sleep at least 4, it’s the headroom that I love the most. I can stand up and still have a few feet above me. That means no stooping to get dressed, and no smacking your head on a hanging lantern. Next is the nifty part – it hooks up to your car. There is durable, stretchy tube that makes the back of your car part of the tent for a massive amount of extra space for storage, organization, or even sleeping if you want to fold down all the seats.

    January 11, 2018
  • Avatar

    Debbie Schuster, A Mom's Paradise

    Even though it was 25 degrees outside it didn’t stop the excitement of seeing the tent attached to the Suburban. My son’s were so excited to see what it would look like and how fun camping would be with the Napier SUV/Minivan tent. We like to do a lot of outdoor events and activities so the Napier SUV/Minivan tent is great for all the events that we love.

    December 11, 2017
  • Avatar

    Collin Guernsey, Explore Gear Co

    SUV camping is different. And Napier Outdoors makes it different and fun too. Connecting a tent to our Jeep Commander is a big adjustment, but it allows for new improvements to our camp setup that we never thought about before.

    December 11, 2017

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