Grace Farinacci / August 25, 2022

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Camping

Turn your weekends into #selfcaregetaways

Now more than ever, camping is one of the most rejuvenating and rewarding activities we can partake in. Camping forces us to connect with nature and provides an escape from the busyness of our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s roasting hotdogs over the campfire, listening to the crickets sing, or gazing at the stars…camping provides the perfect opportunity to step away from the challenges we may face while going through life. Camping also offers unique physical and mental health benefits that will have you dreaming about your next camping getaway.

1. Stress Release

The only thing you gotta worry about while camping is what meals you’re gonna have and the weather, maybe bears too but there’s always ways to stay safe from those. Breathe in the fresh air, and let every worry melt away like the ice in the cooler. Waking up on a lake or beside the mountains, sounds like the best stress reliever to me!

2. Quality Time and Relationship Building

Nothing says relationship building more than putting up a tent together with the ones you love! While your partner reads the instructions for the 10th time, you’ll be grateful for the quality time you guys are spending together. Jokes aside, solo camping is also a benefit for our physical and mental health. Take the challenge and see if you can spend some time alone and enjoy the great outdoors! Take this time for some peace & quiet.

3. Motivates You To Exercise

Sure, you can put out the camping chair and lay in the sun while relaxing on your camping trip. However, you can also find some trails or places to hike too. Camping provides the perfect outdoor gym for us to explore and you know, even setting up the campsite is physical labor itself!

4. #Unplug

You won’t find much cell service in the middle of the woods or camping high in the mountains, meaning you won’t be bothered. Put the cellphone in the car and go explore! Taking time to #unplug is one of the best ways to improve our mental health and by camping with minimal or no service, it’s a nice push to do so! Get the gang together and enjoy eachother’s company, no phones allowed.

5. Learn new recipes, try new food!

If this one sounds like it’s for you, check out our last blog! This is a great benefit as it teaches us to be creative and try new things! Also, I would feel pretty accomplished if I whipped up a meal over a campfire. Wouldn’t you?!

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