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Off-Roading Survival Kit for Beginners

Off-roading is an adventurous and exciting sport that requires more than just a 4×4 truck or Jeep. This activity heavily relies on how prepared you are for any obstacle that may come your way while you’re out there getting dirty. Off-roading can be scary for beginners but when done right, it can be addictive – … [Read more]

Easy Camping Food Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Just when we thought winter was never going to end, the sun has finally graced us with its warm rays. The camping season has arrived! Now that the days are longer, there’s no better time to go out there and explore – on that note, check out our list of picturesque parks to visit, as … [Read more]

Seven National Parks to Visit for National Park Week 2019

Great news, outdoor lovers! Over 400 parks in America are fee-free on April 20! Although it’s only free for a day, each day includes a different theme for the rest of the week to celebrate different occasions. From Military & Veterans Recognition day to honoring the mental and health benefits of taking a nature break, … [Read more]

Outdoor Festival and Camping List for Spring 2019

    Spring is here! It’s a beautiful thing to witness flowers coming to life and little green leaves sprouting from their buds, but what’s even better is that it’s almost the season for camping and outdoor festivals! It is the month of hoarding camping essentials in preparation for multi-day getaways and camping trips for … [Read more]

St. Catharines Nissan Toy Drive 2018

Napier Nation Gives Back

              With the holiday season in full swing, lists are being checked off, gifts are being wrapped, and stockings are being hung. At Napier, we believe that one of the best parts of the holidays is the opportunity to give back to the community.   Since December 1, our friends … [Read more]

A family of four happy campers color the map in scenic Colorado

Image by Coloring the Map When researching tents, we wanted two things out of it. Tall enough for us to stand up in it and connects to our SUV or Truck. Napier Tents has a great selection of tents that can connect to your truck or SUV, and we used the SUV Sports Tent. I LOVE … [Read more]


How one St. Pete family is taking a life-threatening diagnosis and having the best summer ever

Image by Cathy Salustri In December 2015, Jon Kile, in his early 40s, had an ruptured iliac aneurysm, which was unusual but not unusual enough to assume life as he knew it would change forever. Surgeons fixed him and sent him home. Four months later his daughter, Anna, had a cold and stayed home from preschool. … [Read more]

6 Essential Camping Tips for Hunting

Camping is camping, and hunting is hunting, they come together yet in a slightly different way than usual. If you are a hunting camping trip, you don’t want to be lugging a 6 person family tent around with you. Napier’s Camo Sportz Truck tent makes the perfect fit in your truck bed, and a Mossy … [Read more]


10 Easy Spring Camping Recipes

Spring is finally here, and with it comes camping weather! So while you are out there, here’s some quick and easy meals to keep you warm and full.   Baked Egg Potatoes You’ll never look at bacon and eggs the same again! Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 25 Mins View Recipe  Bacon, Egg and … [Read more]

Earth Day 2018

This Sunday April 22nd is annual Earth Day and we want to share this year’s campaign and give some tips on how you can contribute to the preservation of our Earth. End Plastic Pollution This year’s Earth Day will focus on fundamentally changing human attitude and behavior about plastics in hopes of a significant reduction in … [Read more]


National Day of Unplugging

National Day of Unplugging March 9-10, 2018 As a society, we have developed rapidly by reaching technological advances that our ancestors could not have even imagined were possible. The way we converse and interact with one another is based on the tools in our hands and at our desk. We spend more time looking at artificial screens than we … [Read more]

Adventures Required - Sportz Truck Tent

Pick a Place, Prep your Stuff

The Following is a blog post created by our ambassadors Adventures Required. Read more on their blog.  On one cool evening last September, we sat by a fire, drank some scotch, and Chris made an elegant spreadsheet detailing everywhere we want to go in the continental US and all the pertinent information we may need–distance, … [Read more]

National Plan a Vacation Day Logo

What is National Plan a Vacation Day?

It’s that time of year again…National Plan a Vacation Day! This national holiday reoccurs every year and falls on the last Tuesday in January; go ahead and get creative by planning a vacation that you will never forget! Why National Plan a Vacation Day? It started as an initiative by the Project Time Off team. Their goal was to prove that vacation travel … [Read more]

Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series

Product Highlight: Napier’s Sportz Truck Tent

This week I decided to do a product related blog post to give more information on one of our top selling products… Napier’s Sportz 57 Series Truck Tent! It is an advanced version of our original 1990’s truck tent but with many added features. This tent is a great fit for anyone who owns a pickup truck or plans on purchasing … [Read more]

Christian Madore 13 series truck tent on a trailer

Unique Ideas to Make the Most of Your Vehicle Camping Tent

As I was sorting through and re-organizing some of our images and files in the preparation of starting off the new year fresh and organized, I came across some of the most creative, and unique pictures. So I thought I would take the time to dedicate this blog post to what I would classify as some of … [Read more]

Napier Outdoors - Roman, Katie & Zeus

Press Release: Napier Rated as a Leading Tent Manufacturer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 16, 2017 Napier is proud to announce their inclusion as one of the top tent manufacturers in both the 2017 Global Two-Person Camping Tent Market and the 2017 Global Family Camping Tent Market. These reports use results from 2012-2016 and consider market forecasts up until 2022. Both reports use independent analysis … [Read more]


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