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5 Tips for A Fall Camping Trip

It’s that majestic time of the year when leaves fall and change into beautiful hues of red and orange.  Although the weather starts to cool down, the sun is still shining and there’s no better time to go camping and be immersed in Mother Nature’s transition than during the Fall season.

It goes without saying, preparation is key to a great camping trip and this new season calls for a new set of camping tips. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a quick list of camping tips just for fall!


1.) Buy a Good Tent

First and foremost, you need a tent that is designed for at least three seasons. Napier tents are great during fall—get cozy in the spacious interior, sip a cup of hot chocolate and watch the sun paint the sky orange through your large windows.

Bonus: The tents also come with a full rainfly to help keep you warm and dry from the season’s elements.

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2.) Sleep Well

If you’re thinking of using the sleeping bag you used during your summer trip, you may want to re-think that. Get a sleeping bag that has good insulation, and choose the correct size to properly trap body heat.

For a great sleep, get an air mattress with a built-in hand pump (just like this one) and pack wool or down blankets to keep you warm and your luggage light.  Bundle up, get a good sleep and wake up to jaw-dropping views fall has to offer.

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3.) Enjoy Comfort Food

The cold weather is perfect for enjoying warm, comfort food. Foil packets are the best campfire meal and it’s easy to prepare! Don’t forget to pack your stainless-steel Dutch oven for a pot of soup or stew.

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4.) Fall Activities

Fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities, don’t let the cold weather scare you. Wear a few extra layers and get lost on a trail. The best thing about it? No bugs or mosquitoes to bother you or your kids.

Go apple picking with your family and friends, the fall harvest is often the best. If you are into fishing, fall is also the perfect season to catch cold water fish like Bass and Blue Gills.

Napier’s Sportz Cove is designed for tailgating, fishing and other outdoor activities. It’s the perfect compact travel accessory.

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5.) Location

Last but not the least, find a location that can accommodate all the activities you’ve planned for. Do your research on fishing restrictions, the best place to go leaf peeping, etc.

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