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There is a great adventure waiting to be had with Napier!

Did you go on an epic camping trip? Camped in your backyard? Went on a cross-country road trip?  Where ever your Napier tent brought you, we want you to share your memories with us so we can feature them here! We’d also love to hear your product review and any road trip recipes!

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I am a retired USAF Search and Rescue, AEMT Firefighter. I am also a Retired Police Officer. These days I’m a Yacht Captain for hire.

Why did I purchase a Napier truck tent? Simple. The bed size of the item is standard so it is plug and play for ANY bed that size. But why was my purchase date 10-4-17 and why does that hold any significance at all?

Hurricane Maria hit the VI and Puerto Rico absolutely devastating the islands. I was asked to come back as a contractor under the umbrella of the USAF to help. I was warned that buildings / housing were few and those that were were occupied. We would have to tent it but I would have a p/u truck assigned. DUH! (Debris, water, waste on the ground, I’m staying in my assigned truck!) The item arrived on the 9th and by the 11th I was on my way to Puerto Rico.

I spent three weeks there living in that tent in the bed of a Toyota PU with my search dog.

People that want to whine about your product can kiss my butt! I was dry even in big rain. No one had heat or power so I was better off than most. My dog and I rescued 34 people that were buried. Doctors were overwhelmed so I did what I could for others. GRAND TOTAL….264 survivors. 21 body recoveries.

Your little storage areas, attachment areas for items, ABSOLUTE GENIUS!

I had solar Lighting and could find my keys in a second. (Wish I could do that at home) Buddies from the USAF and even the Governors Guard in PR asked where I got the tent…I wrote it out for ALL of them!

Mark from California

Great product (I have the 13 Series BackRoadz for my Tacoma), great customer service. (Thanks for the help, Lauren!). It’s rare that I find a company I would stake my reputation on, but I’ve recommended these tents to a dozen friends.

Angela Caruso-Yahne

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