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Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series

Product Highlight: Napier’s Sportz Truck Tent

This week I decided it might be nice to do a product related blog post to give a little bit more information on one of our top sellers. Our Sportz Truck Tent is one of our bestsellers, and the tent that was inspired by our original 1990s version truck tents. The tent makes a great … [Read more]

Photo Credit Robert J Coleman with his 82000 SUV tent

What’s Stopping You From Experiencing the Outdoors?

After a hectic, busy week here at the office, my main thought of the week is wondering what’s stopping us from fulfilling our dreams? I know for a lot of people I’ve met and chatted with recently their dreams focus a lot around getting outside and experiencing the great outdoors. Just yesterday I was speaking with … [Read more]

13 series truck tent night photo by Gillettte Outdoors (William Gillette)

What’s in Store for Napier in 2018?

This is the question that’s been on my mind all week… what’s in store for 2018? It’s hard to say exactly but what I’m thinking is there will be lots of opportunities, challenges, learning and growth – for both Napier and myself. I’m ready to embrace what’s ahead – even if it comes with hesitation … [Read more]

stock image - reflecting person at sunset on lake

Looking Back on 2017

As 2018 quickly approaches I find myself lost in thoughts reflecting on the year that just passed and dreaming about the plans, opportunities and challenges that 2018 will bring. Although I’ve only been working at Napier since September, here are some of the highlights Napier experienced this year: Launching of the Sportz Cove Being named one … [Read more]

Zeus with our holiday donation to the Beamsville 4 Paw Rescue

Helping Out Our Four Legged Friends for Christmas

One thing I’ve recently learned is that every year Napier gets involved with a local cause for the holidays. We love to help spread our holiday cheer and positivity into the lives around us. Last year they were involved with Project Share Niagara – and this year we decided to get involved with the Beamsville 4Paw Rescue. … [Read more]

Christian Madore 13 series truck tent on a trailer

Unique Ideas to Make the Most of Your Vehicle Camping Tent

As I was sorting through and re-organizing some of our images and files in the preparation of starting off the new year fresh and organized, I came across some of the most creative, and unique pictures. So I thought I would take the time to dedicate this blog post to what I would classify as some of … [Read more]

Napier Outdoors - Roman, Katie & Zeus

Press Release: Napier Rated as a Leading Tent Manufacturer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 16, 2017 Napier is proud to announce their inclusion as one of the top tent manufacturers in both the 2017 Global Two-Person Camping Tent Market and the 2017 Global Family Camping Tent Market. These reports use results from 2012-2016 and consider market forecasts up until 2022. Both reports use independent analysis … [Read more]

Backroadz SUV Tent Photo by Modern Mississauga

Why Does a Vehicle Camping Tent Make a Great Christmas Gift?

As the holidays approach, I know I’ve been busy trying to think of ideas and getting all the gifts for everyone on my list. Since I happen to work for Napier, you can bet I’d instantly consider who on my list would love a truck tent or suv tent. This has led me to wonder … [Read more]

Alisa's First PhotoshootNapier of the 84000 SUV Tent

What it’s like Working for Napier?

Welcome! In the spirit of change and reflection, I wanted to take a moment and write a slightly different blog post so that you can learn more about Napier and their story, as well as join me in growing with them! I guess the first place to start is to introduce myself; I am Alisa! … [Read more]


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